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How to Drive Loyalty Through Guest Satisfaction

On April 27th we hosted The Connected Breakfast Session where experts in the hospitality industry discussed how to deliver the ultimate guest experience and drive loyalty. Many insights were shared about how to revitalize the industry through employee engagement tools. The key takeaway was that the secret to guest loyalty lies in the competency and attitude of your staff. Happy staff translates to happy guests and keeps them coming back year after year.

Sunnie Groeneveld, Managing Partner at Inspire 925, was one of the keynote speakers and shared her expert knowledge surrounding employee engagement and how it directly correlates with guest loyalty. She defined customer engagement as “the emotional connection between your customers and your hotel” and illustrated how staff engagement drives customer engagement.
According to Gallup research, employee engagement helps businesses increase profitability by 21%, productivity by 20%, and customer loyalty by 10%. Unfortunately, only 11% of the global workforce is considered “engaged.” What exactly are we talking about when we refer to “employee engagement?” Here are some examples of what engaged workers experience:

  • Praise, encouragement, and growth opportunities from management
  • Know what’s expected of them
  • View their role as pivotal in the company’s success
  • Feel like their opinions matter
  • Have friends at work

Following Sunnie, Julia Fredrick, HR Director at the award-winning luxury hotel in London, One Aldwych, shared the evolution of internal communication and employee engagement at the hotel over the last couple years. Information was previously shared on bulletin boards, but is now distributed directly to everyone through ONE, their custom Beekeeper app, and engagement is stronger than ever.
ONE is a community hub that allows 240 staff members across three divisions and 26 departments to work together more efficiently and boost company morale. The team uses ONE to communicate vacancies, trainings, well-being services, daily hotel stats, and recognize birthdays, awards, compliments, and so much more. Since the adoption of ONE, management has seen a significant impact on both the employee and company levels. Colleagues feel connected and view the workplace as one where they can contribute and learn and are all there to achieve a common goal.
In order to gain customer loyalty, it’s important to start from within and evaluate your hotel’s current landscape to see what areas are lacking. Embrace innovation and make sure your whole team is actively engaged and on the same page to deliver an exceptional experience for your guests.

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