Graphic Novel for HR

Retention Strategies for a Frontline Workforce

Turnover doesn’t happen when an employee stops showing up. It’s “death by a thousand paper cuts”. The journey begins on Day 0: the moment a new hire accepts the job offer.

Step into one frontline worker’s world, where Kate is thrown into a rabbit hole before her start date. Her manager Mike wants to help, but is too busy drowning in manual tasks and paperwork.

Until one day, a brave HR director comes up with a solution…

What’s Inside:

  • Expert Commentary: Hear from 9 leading HR and communications leaders across manufacturing, construction, retail, and hospitality
  • Retention Playbook: Actionable tips for creating consistent employee experiences that reduce turnover
  • Time Savings: Get rid of administrative burdens so you can get back to helping your people

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Cut Turnover In Half

Fill the gaps between onboarding and offboarding with Beekeeper’s Employee Lifecycle Management solutions. Instead of drowning in administrative work and manual processes, spend your time where it matters. Keeping people happy, engaged, and retained.

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