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Beekeeper Unveils 5 New Features Including Anonymized Surveys and Locations

Winter is often described as a time when life moves at a slower pace. Snow blankets the ground, animals go into hibernation, and humans spend time indoors drinking tea, reading, or watching their favorite series. This is not the case in the Beekeeper Engine Room! We’ve been firing on all cylinders for the final three months of 2018 and are proud to present five–yes, five–huge new capabilities that will revolutionize how our users interact in their digital workplace and enhance workforce management.

These capabilities help our customers to increase their operational efficiency, respect the data privacy of their users, take the pulse of their company, and structure their organizational communications at a local level.

So without further ado, watch our in-depth feature overview video directly below, or scroll down to keep reading more about each feature.

Anonymized Employee Surveys

Screenshot of Beekeeper analytics dashboard and anonymous employee survey functions on a laptop computer.

We all know that the most useful feedback is honest feedback. Our customers can now choose to make the responses to a survey or campaign anonymous. Recipients of the employee survey are informed that their response will be anonymized and are therefore statistically more likely to a) respond and b) answer honestly. This way, our customers can gather more honest feedback from across their business, gaining deeper insights into the moods and needs of their organization. This new capability enables our customers to use Beekeeper for regular pulse surveys. These short employee surveys are an easy way of gathering real-time employee feedback by asking a small number of questions on specific issues on a regular basis.

Locations for Improved Workforce Management

Enable local teams to manage their own employee engagement, internal communication, users, and analytics within Beekeeper. From January, our customers can choose to set up individual Locations in Beekeeper to reflect their business, providing room for sustainable scaling. Maintaining oversight on your entire organization has never been easier!

New location admins have advanced permissions within their own local dashboard and can be appointed as of January by any customer interested in locations. This brings an end to over-reliance on global admins, and a significant increase in the relevance of the content and analytics available within each location.

Image of new locations integrations in Beekeeper analytics dashboard.

Call from Chat Messaging

The new call button in chat messaging allows colleagues to call each other without saving numbers to their private phones. That means even very new colleagues can be contacted in seconds via Beekeeper directly through chat messaging.

Search on Mobile

All content posted within Beekeeper is now fully searchable on mobile, meaning users can find all content on any topic that interests them, anytime, anywhere. Teams using Beekeeper are more operationally efficient with search on mobile, because they can find useful information instantly.

Users search content by entering a keyword in the mobile app, and navigate all results by posts, comments, people, and chat messaging. We are using an entirely new search engine for the search on mobile feature, which means the results are fast, detailed and accurate. Happy searching!

Data Privacy Package

Data privacy was a hot topic in 2018. This got us thinking: we believe our users should be able to enjoy Beekeeper without fearing their engagement with the app is being used to measure their performance. That’s why we released a package of new optional features to help our customers respect the data privacy of their employees in Beekeeper. Our customers can choose to enable or disable any of these features, creating their own customized in-app privacy settings.

  1. Hide “User Activity” on profiles in the web app so that posts created, likes, and comments are not visible to other users. The total count of likes, comments and posts still remains.
  2. Hide “Last Seen” on user profiles to prevent others from seeing when an individual was last on the app.
  3. Anonymize the dashboard by removing the “Top Posts” and “Most Engaged Users” sections and presenting aggregated data only.
  4. Hide the names of users who have liked posts and comments and display only the total number of likes to prevent others being able to track an individual’s preferences.

Get a free demo to learn how to make these new operational communication features work for you.