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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

Everything Frontline Teams Need To Succeed In One Place

The mobile-first frontline employee app. Give your workers a better way to connect, engage and collaborate with their teams and your company.

Information When and Where You Need It

Help employees get more done with an accessible one-stop-shop for information.

Real-time communication

Deliver instant chat campaigns and surveys, share videos and files in news streams, and collaborate via text or voice in 1:1 and group chats

Inline translation

News streams, comments, chat messages, surveys, and safety campaigns can all be translated to the recipient’s native language

FAQ chatbots

Free up time for your frontline managers — answer thousands of FAQs specific to your company, on-demand in any language with a chatbot

Automate Processes

Extend and automate workflows across systems to build your digital workplace for frontline teams.

Onboarding workflows

Built-in workflow capabilities for faster onboarding

Integrate with 2,000+ tools

Beekeeper is Zapier-supported. Automate workflows to and from virtually any cloud-based platform

Follow up fast

Send reminders and follow-ups en masse to non-responders

Next-Gen Productivity

Streamline processes and reduce absenteeism through digital enablement.

Forms and workflows

Submit digital forms in-app to upgrade paper-based processes

Files and shortcuts

One-click access to systems, protocols, documents, and data. Upload files to Beekeeper’s document library, or sync files and folders from SharePoint

Shift schedules

Sync shift schedules from external systems into Beekeeper, or use Beekeeper’s solution to ensure every shift is covered

Management Made Easy

Get better insights than ever before, and act on them with powerful technology.

In-depth analytics

Get metrics on engagement, readership, popular content, and feedback

Campaigns and surveys

Share targeted information and surveys to any part of your business. View real-time data in a dashboard or download it for more analysis

Granular permissions and access

The right roles and tools for every level of leadership—from CEOs to line managers

Customize and Extend

Save time and IT costs with a flexible digital workplace that perfectly fits your business.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Find dozens of time-saving integrations in our Marketplace

Powerful developer resources

Get creative with our open API, SDKs, authenticated links, webhooks, chatbots, and more

Dedicated configuration support

We’ll work with you to configure Beekeeper for your business goals

A Flexible, Secure Solution for Your Team

Easy Onboarding

Get new employees set up on the app and connected with their team faster via SMS, QR code, or email.

Custom Branding

Set up your digital workplace to match your physical workplace with in-app branding options. Add your company’s color, logo, name, and more.

Single Sign-On

Eliminate password pain with multiple options for setting up single sign-on with other systems for your frontline teams.

Full REST API Access

Virtually every part of Beekeeper is accessible via API. Connect your systems to save time and get more out of your IT investments.

Digital Signage

Deliver information to your whole workforce—even team members without phones. Publish slideshows on break-room screens to reach more employees faster.

Banking-Standard Security

Secure your internal communications with best-in-class data security and protection, ISO 27001 certified data storage, 256-bit TLS encryption, advanced firewall protection, and more.

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Q: Our employees speak multiple languages. How do you handle this?

The user interface reflects the default language on the user’s phone. We also offer inline translations so users can instantly translate posts in their preferred language. This feature supports 100+ languages.
Read more about inline translations

Q: How easy is it to get employees logged into the Beekeeper app?

The simplicity to log in is one of the things that sets us apart from other tools. Employees don’t need an email address to register or even a password to log in. They can simply sign in with an employee ID or phone number. Or, even easier, managers can generate a QR code in the app and sign them in on the spot.

Q: How secure is employee communication with Beekeeper?

Your data security is our top priority. That’s why we use best-in-class 256-bit TLS encryption, advanced firewall protection, perform regular external security audits, and have ISO 27001:2013 certified data centers. For more details, check out our Security page or download our Security white paper.
Download our Security White Paper

Q: How is Beekeeper different than similar platforms?

Our platform is mobile-first, built specifically for employees who are always on the move. Beekeeper is a one-stop shop for top-down, bottom-up, and peer-to-peer communications. It has an integrations marketplace, a robust analytics dashboard to measure engagement, and ISO 27001:13 certified data centers.
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Q: Beekeeper sounds nice to have, but what is the business value?

Our customers have experienced positive ROI in countless areas including increased productivity, lower turnover, eliminated printing costs, etc. To learn more about the impact Beekeeper has on customers, visit our Pricing page, download one of our case studies, or calculate your own ROI.
Visit our Pricing Page

Q: What kind of customer support services do you offer?

It depends on the type of package you purchase, as we offer varied levels of support. No matter which option you choose, you’ll always have email support to help with any questions and access to our Help Center and Beekeeper Academy training tools.

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