Revolutionize your Business with Frontline Intelligence.

Give your frontline team what they need to do their best work, without having to guess.

You have so much stuff to do, what if Beekeeper could be your guide?

When managers lack insights about how their employees are feeling and the work that’s being done, productivity slumps and employee churn becomes a serious problem.

Beekeeper’s Frontline Intelligence acts as a compass to give you AI-powered insights to help you make better business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Make teamwork your competitive advantage

Drive Employee Engagement With NEW
AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

  • Go beyond fundamental trends and analytics to get a snapshot of morale
  • Get a measure of how employees are feeling, without having to send a survey.
  • Stay fully GDPR and privacy compliant with our proprietary machine learning algorithms

Make Faster Progress With Real-Time Operations Insights

  • Pinpoint which projects are falling behind and learn how to fix them
  • View task analytics for your whole company, or by group or location.
  • Learn when and how quickly tasks are completed to find areas for process improvements

Get a Competitive Advantage with Intelligent Benchmarking

  • Compare benchmark data from 1,200 leading frontline businesses to get insights on how to optimize employee engagement and operations
  • Quickly find areas of improvement and develop strategies to stay ahead of competition
  • Track employee engagement over time and compare with benchmarks.

Scale Your Efforts With A Library Of Automated Workflows & Surveys

  • Keep a consistent pulse on your employees and provide suggestions for improving productivity with templated workflows.
  • Trigger automated surveys and forms and automatically deploy actions based on how your team respond to surveys
  • Designed to cover a wide range of topics from job satisfaction to performance reviews

Track Engagement Better Than Ever Before

  • See employee engagement over time and compare it with benchmarks
  • Understand how your employees engage with your company so you can take action and improve
  • View daily, weekly and monthly active users to understand the value that you are driving.

Frontline teams can feel disconnected from the rest of the company. Understanding them is the first step to keeping your team engaged and energized to deliver the best results to your customers.

That’s why companies are investing in our AI-powered sentiment analysis, operational analytics, employee engagement, and industry benchmarking to understand their teams and their bottom line.