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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

Digitize Your Frontline & Supercharge
Your Business

Frontline business leaders use Beekeeper to connect and engage their whole workforce with our productivity app that teams love to use.

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Beekeeper is THE All-in-One
Frontline Success System

2-Way Comms

Communicate & collaborate with your frontline utilizing translations, surveys, &
secure messaging

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Coordinate Shifts & PTO

Fill shifts faster, offer shift flexibility, easily approve PTO, & reduce absenteeism.

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Source Employee Referrals

Fill open roles faster with high-quality talent.

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Give employees direct access to 3rd party payroll information in a secure location.

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Digitize Forms,
Tasks & Workflows

Create digital
checklists for all types of work, collect data,
& automate recurring tasks.

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Onboard, Train, Offboard

Ramp up employees faster and make upskilling easy & accessible.

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Report and Assess

Gather insights to understand and improve workforce productivity & engagement.

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Partners in
Your Success

Ensure continued success with
Beekeeper – From onboarding to enablement & support.

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Connect your non-desk workers to the people, systems, tools, and information they need to succeed. From paystubs to shifts, daily tasks and checklists, and multilingual communication: teams access everything in one place, designed for how they work.

A Better Employee Experience

Frontline employees work differently than office staff. Bulletin boards, intranets, and personal apps don’t cut it. Provide easy mobile access to important info like shifts, paystubs, training, and recognition – securely, all in their pocket.

Instant & Easy Communication

From corporate comms to daily shift notes, translate information into 100+ languages in real-time. Effective communication fuels stronger collaboration and increases engagement.

Simplify & Automate

Streamline checklists and daily tasks by replacing paper forms. Assign and shuffle work in seconds, automate repetitive tasks, and check progress in real-time.

Flying Blind

Capture data that used to be hidden in paper forms and spreadsheets. Monitor everything on-the-go from your dashboard on the web, tablet, or mobile device. Managers make better decisions while offering the best possible employee experience.

Top-Rated Frontline Success System

transforming your business today.

Fast Track
Frontline Digital Transformation

Save time and IT costs with easy, out-of-the-box integrations, dedicated configuration support, and automated workflows. You can even create custom integrations or workflows with Beekeeper’s open API and suite of tools for developers.