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3 New Integrations To Extend Your Digital Workplace

Executive implementing cloud computing security

It takes a powerful tech stack to truly give your frontline teams all the information they need to do their job. The increasing number of solutions for frontline teams can pose an interesting challenge for administrators and frontline staff alike. 

For IT and HR administrators, it can be difficult to make sure your users are up-to-date across all your systems, and to ensure new employees are set up with all the tools they need when they start working. For frontline staff, whether you’re on site or dealing with customers, remembering what all the tools are called, or how to log into them can be frustrating, especially when you need to find information fast. 

This year at Beekeeper, we’re rolling out all kinds of new integrations to make it easy for frontline staff and administrators to stay on top of their digital systems. Here are just some of the tools you can now connect to Beekeeper this Spring! 

1. Paychex: Keep Your Internal Communication Internal With User Synchronization from Paychex

Calling all Beekeeper customers who use Paychex to manage HR: we built an integration for you! The Beekeeper Paychex integration makes it easy for you to keep your employees up to date in Beekeeper without any extra effort on the part of your HR or internal communications teams. When new employees come on board or leave the company (temporarily or permanently), Beekeeper’s Paychex integration will automatically sync users from Paychex to Beekeeper so you can rest assured that the right people are receiving your internal communications. 

The integration will automatically transfer whichever profile fields you choose from Paychex to Beekeeper, and map users to groups to make sure they’re receiving the most relevant information. 

This integration is the latest in a suite of HRIS integrations on the Beekeeper Marketplace including ADP, BambooHR, UKG Pro, Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and AzureAD. 

2. CheckProof: Make Sure Your Teams Are Safe and On-Track with Mobile-First Checklists

Many companies rely on checklists and regular auditing and reporting to make sure your teams and company are safe and on track. However, it can be difficult to keep track of this in the moment on site. Paper checklists can easily get damaged or lost, contribute to printing costs, and take extra time and effort to process. CheckProof helps companies digitize this process by providing mobile-first checklists and reporting that can be easily stored and analyzed from a centralized system. 

Beekeeper’s CheckProof integration makes life easier for frontline workers who need access to checklists, and for operations leaders who need to ensure their frontline teams are following procedures. With Beekeeper’s CheckProof integration, managers can easily sync users and their Locations from Beekeeper to CheckProof to make sure the right people have access to relevant checklists for their stores or work sites. Frontline managers or auditors can easily find and seamlessly access the checklists they need to keep their teams on track.  

Beekeeper CheckProof Integration

3. MobieTrain: Make Employee Training Fun and Frontline-Friendly 

MobieTrain is a flexible learning management system that lets you upload your own training content and share it in a fun, mobile-friendly, gamified interface. Upload your own branded content, without any prior experience in e-learning or instructional design, and allocate them to segmented user groups at scale. Then, with Beekeeper’s MobieTrain integration, give employees easy access to knowledge and training in a fun, engaging way, wherever they are. 

With Beekeeper’s MobieTrain integration, you can make it easy for frontline employees to find and access new trainings on mobile. The integration is especially suitable for frontline staff in Retail, Hospitality, Care, Supermarkets, Service Stations, Field Services, Telco, and many other verticals with remote workers.

Our mission here at Beekeeper is to help companies realize the full potential of each and every employee in their workforce. As we build new partnerships and integrations, we are able to deliver a more robust, and useful digital workplace for frontline teams that allows employers to optimize every step of the employee journey. 

From professional development to onboarding support, our Marketplace integrations give businesses the opportunity to craft a customized digital workplace that their teams will love. 

Not a Beekeeper customer yet? Request a free demo with one of our experienced product experts to learn more about how we can help you connect with your frontline employees.