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Need an App for Construction Workers? Meet Beekeeper

You need a way to reach and connect with your frontline construction employees — fast. 

Finish projects on time and on budget, keep your workers safer, reduce compliance fees, and much more.

These Construction Companies Already Love Us

Finish Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Miscommunication is a hidden bottom line killer. With Beekeeper, you can save $250K per 1,000 workers by giving them easier access to information.

Get the job done with Beekeeper

77% of construction projects are at least 40% late

Reach employees across locations and languages 

Speed up onboarding of new hires

Automate and digitize paper-based processes like material requests and HR protocols

The Ultimate Construction Management App

Ditch paper and onboard your Construction employees in half the time.

Any Language, Any Location

“Beekeeper has become an indispensable work tool on the construction site!”

Retain More Employees

“We never had a tool for our craft-level employees to be a part of, which was unfortunate because that’s the majority of our workforce. And when you’re talking about recognition, who should we be recognizing but the people in the field that are doing the work?”

Prevent Accidents

“With Beekeeper, we are able to engage and share best practices with numerous colleagues, no matter how remote their working place is. The app provides real added value to our health and safety campaigns.”

Beekeeper Pricing

Flexible. Scalable. Customizable. Choose a plan that works for you.

Our Construction Customers Get High Engagement, and Even Higher Retention Rates 

Connect systems

Automate health & safety alerts

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Communicate instantly with field workers

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Translate messages and announcements into over 100+ languages

Onboard and train your crew in half the time

Improve Shift Coordination

$48,000 annual savings in shift coordination

Hire and Train Employees Faster

Boost referrals by 100x with a 30% hire rate

Save $$$

Save $249,000 annually with better retention

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Keep Your Crews Safe 

Forward-thinking construction companies are using Beekeeper to communicate vital health and safety updates to their teams. And statistically reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace. Here’s how Holcim uses Beekeeper to keep workers safe

Plant managers can instantly follow up on safety-related questions

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Ensure health and safety campaigns reach remote field employees 


Launch a Health and Safety News Stream with how-to videos and warm-up exercises for construction crews

Host policies and SOPs in a mobile-friendly document library

Do More With Less Paper

Digitize safety processes, onboarding, training, and more by replacing paper with digital forms in Beekeeper. Automate admin processes with our custom workflows. Do more with fewer resources in less time. 

Digitize repair requests, accident reports, equipment checklists, and safety audits 

Connect systems

Automate safety procedures and routine machine maintenance

Instantly coordinate supplies between sites to prevent waste

Inspection checklist: Meet the only construction app on the market that was designed and built for field teams. With our award-winning frontline success system, Beekeeper is guaranteed to help you complete projects on budget, keep your workers safe, and digitize everything you do on paper. 

Secure and Compliant