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Fill every shift and avoid burnout with flexible shift scheduling

The Way We Operate in Hospitality Has Changed

It’s more important than ever to digitally connect your frontline teams to increase agility, create a safer environment for employees and guests, and boost productivity with a hotel employee app.

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Tackle Post-Pandemic Labor Shortages With Your Own Hospitality App

Conquer the Great Rehire. Streamline onboarding and training. Boost retention and engagement. Beekeeper can help solve your post-pandemic workforce challenges. 

Ramp up new hires faster with mobile-friendly, automated onboarding (your managers will thank you!)

Retain your best employees with mobile technology that was built to help them enjoy their jobs. Solicit feedback directly from associates to optimize and improve the employee experience.

Enable housekeeping teams to work better together. Clean more rooms with fewer staff

Communicate and Adapt Faster

Connect with your entire hospitality workforce (whether active or furloughed) in real time with a hotel employee app.

Reach all employees at every location, in their preferred language

Push updates and changing operating procedures in real time to relevant teams — they can confirm receipt in one click

Enable secure peer-to-peer and cross-departmental collaboration

Hospitality App: Ensure Guests and Employees Feel Safe

Comply with physical distancing requirements by digitizing information flows, forms, checklists, and documents.

Ensure all employees are trained and can consistently implement safety protocols

Post “how-to” videos to quickly train employees on new operating procedures

Replace stand-up meetings and gatherings around bulletin boards with posts, chats, and push notifications

Boost Employee Morale and Productivity

Digitally enable employees with the knowledge and tools they need to do their job better and keep spirits high.

Engage, recognize, and motivate your team — keep morale up during times of change

Save time with instant access to essential documents, forms, and schedules and eliminate miscommunication

Allow frontline employees to give feedback on processes and submit innovation ideas

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why Beekeeper Is the #1 Employee App for Hospitality

Award-Winning Technology

We’re honored to have won several hospitality awards like the HotelTechAward, ALIS Hottest Technology, HTNG TechOvation, and Most Innovative Hotel Technology at HX.

Made for Frontline Teams

With an average adoption rate of over 80%, Beekeeper was built specifically for frontline teams. Our platform is designed to meet their unique needs and make their lives easier.

Personalized Support and Guidance

Our customer success team will be there with you every step of the way to make sure your properties are exceeding your goals and achieving sky-high adoption rates.

Easy, Fast Implementation

Other common hotel apps require long, complicated rollouts and implementation plans. We can have Beekeeper up and running in just 48 hours.

Build the Hospitality Workforce of the Future

The Reskilling Revolution in Hospitality: Hiring and Retaining Employees

Tips on how the hospitality industry can overcome the post-pandemic labor shortage crisis.

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How Fitler Club Reached Record-High Employee Engagement During COVID-19

“Our biggest discovery was that with Beekeeper, you could do more with less in terms of efficiency.”

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Your guide to an easy rollout across your in-house teams.

“The support we received from Beekeeper was fantastic. Our support specialist set up weekly meetings with our implementation team, and provided us with a lot of helpful ideas and resources for launch.”

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Make Your Workplace Tech Work for You


Integrate Beekeeper with your existing HR systems for seamless user management. Your HR and IT teams will thank you.


Supercharge your hospitality operations by integrating the latest technologies with your Beekeeper platform.


Enable teams to perform their best with virtual hospitality training and support.

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