Fewer accidents. Better productivity. Safer workers with Beekeeper.

The all-in-one, mobile-first platform that puts you and your employees in control of safety at your workplace.

Keep Employees Aware and Safe Throughout their Entire Shift

Make safety communication, training, and reporting accessible to frontline employees, right from their mobile device.

A Mobile-First Safety Management Solution Designed for Frontline Teams

Because the best safety incident is the one that doesn’t happen.

How can you build a culture of safety that reduces accidents and increases productivity?

The answer is Beekeeper’s workplace safety package.

Make Every Employee a Safety Expert from Day 1

Share safety information and training material. From digital documents, automated content for new hires, or quizzes, Beekeeper lets you put safety communication at your team’s fingertips. The best part? Everything is automatically translated in their language.

Digitize Safety and Pre-Shift Checks for Speed and Compliance

Employees can take charge of workplace safety with regular safety inspections and pre-shift checklists. Everything is automated, mobile-friendly, and inspection reports are stored as a PDF for compliance and safekeeping.

Customer Success Story

Cargill increased near-miss reports submitted by employees by 50% after digitizing the form in Beekeeper. They also reduced the amount of time the HR team needed to follow up on reports.

Capture and Document Safety Incidents in Real Time

Accidents, near misses, and safety hazards happen. Reporting and documenting them through Beekeeper’s digital forms empowers you to act quickly and mitigate risks.

Optimize Safety Processes with Detailed Reporting

Analyze your safety program to drive continuous improvement. Report on days since the last accident and other key safety metrics, and understand how your workforce perceives safety.

Top-Rated Frontline Success Solution