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3 Companies Who Are Winning with Beekeeper/Microsoft Integrations

As you can probably tell, we’ve been a little obsessed with our Microsoft integrations. We’ve given readers a detailed overview of the integration possibilities with Microsoft, and we’ve reviewed how companies can revamp their intranet with Beekeeper’s SharePoint integration.

But to really drive home just how jazzed we are over all the ways that Beekeeper and Microsoft can work together to create the ultimate tool for workforce management, we thought we’d take a moment and highlight some of our favorite customers who are seriously winning at operational communication with their Beekeeper/Microsoft integrations.

Here are some examples of how real Beekeeper customers are integrating their favorite organizational and operational communications platform (Beekeeper) with Microsoft apps.

Wincasa Wins at Workforce Management with the Beekeeper and SharePoint Integration

Wincasa, the leading real estate service provider, wanted to underscore the importance of digitization and innovation in their corporate internal communication strategy. With over 860 employees spread out over 25 different locations across various language regions, creating a corporate internal communication strategy to unite their team and streamline operations was imperative.

Here were some of Wincasa’s initial goals for their internal comms strategy:

  • Enhance employee collaboration
  • Build knowledge management
  • Streamline operational processes

Their overarching goal? Become a digital technology leader in the real estate industry by 2020. Well, we love a good stretch goal here at Beekeeper, so we were ecstatic when Wincasa created their Business Transformation department to make it happen. Transforming the way businesses communicate is what we do best!

Beekeeper SharePoint Integration

Bottom Up Communication = Corporate Culture Transformation

While Wincasa had a legacy intranet system, it didn’t facilitate the kind of two-way communication they knew they would need in order to truly revolutionize their company culture and garner the digital tech street cred they were looking for.

Ultimately they decided that Beekeeper and SharePoint combined would be the best team collaboration solution for their needs. The ability to share information and receive feedback directly from their team gave Wincasa the edge they needed to build the inclusive, dynamic company culture they were after.

The process of integrating Beekeeper’s employee app with SharePoint was straightforward and efficient and has helped them connect and come together as a team.

What does Wincasa have to say about their new digital workplace?

The new digital workplace with Beekeeper is now more transparent, relaxed, and fun for employees and management. With Beekeeper, our employees now have a way to have their voice heard. Internal communication is no longer happening in isolated teams, but takes place across the entire company, regardless of team, location, or generation.

– Debora Pauli, project lead for digital internal communications at Wincasa

Chalhoub Optimizes User Management with Beekeeper/Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

Chalhoub Group is a global retailer with over 600 store locations throughout the Middle East. In order to align their large team of frontline employees, they turned to Beekeeper to help them with workforce management. Their goal was to create a digital workplace where their dispersed team of over 12,000 employees could collaborate and connect with each other.

But that wasn’t all. When you have thousands of team members spread out across the globe, user management becomes a major challenge for the HR department tasked with keeping track of everyone. Fortunately, with the Beekeeper/Microsoft Azure AD integration, user management can be automated.

By integrating Beekeeper with Microsoft Azure AD, Chalhoub now has a central user directory where they can automatically sync Azure AD employee information with Beekeeper’s user directory, ensuring that employee info is always current and up to date. They can also create custom segmentation. This allows Chalhoub to instantly organize employees into groups based on their profile fields.

Here are just a few reasons why Chalhoub loves the Beekeeper/Azure AD integration. . .

  • Beekeeper configured the integration for them. There were no technical resources required from them
  • They can automate user management with “Smart Groups.” All they have to do is tell us the attributes they want, and the groups will auto-update based on the parameters they want us to create
  • No manual updating required. User data gets synced automatically at certain intervals

Olam International Opens Up Internal Comms with Two-Way SharePoint Integration

Olam International is one of the leading agri-business corporations in the world. With farmers spread out all over the globe throughout over 70 countries, Olam International works logistical magic every day to deliver food and industrial raw materials to over 23,000 customers worldwide.

They operate a large, international workforce that’s a diverse mixture of corporate employees and frontline workers. With such a large, expansive workforce, Olam’s internal comms team needed a way to push information from the corporate level down to the rest of the company. They also wanted to encourage more employee engagement and bottom-up communication.

Beekeeper and SharePoint — A Two-Way Integration for Two-Way Communication

One of the most notable and innovative aspects of Olam’s Beekeeper/SharePoint integration is that it’s a two-way integration. This means that any content posted on SharePoint can be seen on Beekeeper, and any content posted on Beekeeper can be viewed in SharePoint.

This two-way integration capability was important to Olam because it means their employees don’t have to switch back and forth between Beekeeper and SharePoint since content is accessible on both platforms.

Benefits of Beekeeper/SharePoint Integration for Olam

  • Managers who travel frequently can easily keep their teams updated, no matter where they are
  • Information is easily accessible on their employee’s mobile devices
  • Single sign-on makes both tools more accessible
  • Overall increase in employee engagement and bottom up communication

Fun fact:

To really help drive employee engagement, Olam created a dedicated Stream in Beekeeper just for polls. This allows Olam to regularly pose questions to their team and get their feedback. Because of this, every employee feels like they have a voice and that their opinion matters.

Beekeeper Integrates With All Your Favorite Workplace Tools

One of the major benefits of Beekeeper’s operational communication platform for frontline teams is that we integrate so seamlessly with your company’s existing tech stack. Our Marketplace is full of popular workplace apps like ADP, UKG Pro, SAP, BambooHR,and more.

Beekeeper Marketplace

The best part? If you don’t see the integration you’re looking for already in our Marketplace, not to worry! Since we’re a fully-supported Zapier app, you can create workflow automations between Beekeeper and any app in the Zapier marketplace, including Microsoft apps.

These customer stories prove that creating a truly innovative digital workplace and transforming your workforce management strategy sometimes requires a unique approach. It doesn’t have to be about choosing one tool over another, but getting your company’s tech stack to all work together to deliver the perfect user experience for your team.

Ready to learn more about how Beekeeper can integrate with your team’s Microsoft apps? Request a free demo today!