Refer Beekeeper Today!

For a limited time and as part of customer appreciation month, you can refer Beekeeper to an industry peer and receive double the incentive of up to $500!

3 Easy Steps

1. Fill out the form with the person/company you are recommending Beekeeper to as a business solution.
2. Beekeeper will contact the person you recommended on your behalf.
3. Choose your thank you gift. You can choose a gift card*, a donation to a charity or individual discounts at Beekeeper worth up to $500**. Please see below for more details of your gift.

* If you choose a gift card as your gift, based on your country of residence you will be provided with the following options: United States: Amazon, Walmart, Uber Eats, Mastercard, Charity Choice; Canada: Amazon, Walmart, Uber Eats, Visa, The Home Depot

**Gifts will be delivered in two (2) phases based on conditions met. Phase 1 Condition: Your referred contact is confirmed as business-relevant (see T&C) and $100 of value (gift card, charitable donation, or Beekeeper discount) will be awarded. Phase 2 Condition: Your referred contact becomes a Beekeeper customer and $400 of value (gift card, charitable donation, or Beekeeper discount) will be awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom can I recommend to match the criteria for a relevant referral?

    You can recommend any business contact from your network who might need Beekeeper for their employees – that’s the main criteria, the rest we will figure out!

  • Can I recommend more than one contact?

    Yes, there are no limits! As long as your recommended contacts could make use of Beekeeper as a business solution for their company, we will approve your referral.

  • How do I choose the reward of my choice?

    We will contact you after you have submitted your referral and follow up with options for your thank you gift. You can also contact us anytime at