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New Confirmation Campaign Feature Ensures Critical Information is Read

Step aside read receipts—our new confirmation campaign feature helps ensure every employee has not only read critical information but has also confirmed they’ve been read. Don’t get me wrong, read receipts are incredibly useful. But for critical matters, you need confirmation that a message or document has been read or a video has been viewed. This feature provides an extra level of accountability.

Confirmation campaigns can be utilized for a number of use cases in any industry. In fact, we came up with a number of creative ways to use it while testing out the functionality internally: “Confirm you received the Holy Guacamole Cinco De Mayo Party invitation,” or “Confirm you’re excited to clean the office after.” (We clearly don’t have any fun here.)

Here are a few ways managers and HR departments are using the feature in a professional environment:

Emergency alerts – “Fire on 1st and Main. Confirm that you are safe.”
Policy updates – “Process for requesting a schedule change has been updated. Confirm that you read this document.”
Change of event location/times – “Holiday party has changed to 5PM. Confirm that you read this message.”
Training materials – “HR files uploaded to a server for review. Confirm that you read the files.”

The possibilities are endless! (Can you tell we are just a little excited?) And don’t be shy—feel free to let us know how you’re using this feature in the workplace!

Easy setup

Using confirmation campaigns is as simple as one click. When you create a new campaign, make sure to select “Request Read Confirmation” at the bottom of the “Compose Your Message” screen. Easily see who has and hasn’t viewed communications through the campaign report so you can follow up with those who haven’t yet confirmed.

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