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Give Frontline Employees Early Access to Earned Wages with Beekeeper + Rain

We are thrilled to announce our newest integration partnership with Rain, a financial wellness tool that gives frontline employees direct access to their earned wages right on the Beekeeper app.

“Beekeeper is excited to partner with Rain Instant Pay. As a leading platform for connecting frontline organizations, we know how important it is for employers to set themselves apart by providing valuable benefits to their frontline workforce. Through this partnership, we can offer our customers more options to retain and support workers with easy access to earned wages.”

– John Keating, Head of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Beekeeper.

A Partnership for Good

Did you know Americans spend a staggering $170 billion through credit cards and payday loans while waiting for their next paycheck? Or, that 72% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck can benefit from early access to their earned wages?

With the Beekeeper + Rain integration partnership, employers can provide a service that truly makes a difference in improving the lives of their frontline employees.

“Rain is thrilled to partner with Beekeeper, aligning our missions of betterment for frontline workers. Combining our technology offerings to drive communication aimed at helping employees avoid undue financial burden is something our organization is excited to embrace.”

– Taylor Constantine, Partnerships Lead at Rain

Giving frontline employees access to earned wages not only gives them the financial support they may need, but it’s also proven to enhance job performance and company loyalty. That’s because employees are more empowered and motivated to do their best job when they feel seen and heard.

Early Wage Access Matters Now More Than Ever

Since the onset of COVID-19, frontline workers have been faced with their fair share of uncertainty around:

  • When they’ll get called into work next
  • If they’ll be able to make bill payments on time
  • When things will return to normal (like everyone else)

The one thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is making money stretch until the next paycheck. Which is why providing early wage access is more important than ever.

Even as states begin to reopen for business, the lingering effects of the pandemic remain. And, because everyone should be getting their business continuity plans in place, now’s the time to plan for the future – no matter what it might look like.

So how does it work? With the new Beekeeper + Rain integration, employers can connect Rain directly with their payroll system. Then, employees can request early access to earned wages from any location through the Beekeeper employee app.

While we may not know how long it will be until businesses get back to normal, we know that companies need an engaged and productive workforce to get there. Learn how you can better support your essential employees with Beekeeper’s mobile-friendly communication tool that’s built for the frontline.

Want to learn more about how Beekeeper and Rain can support your frontline employee base? Check out Beekeeper’s Marketplace and request a free demo today!