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Beekeeper Welcomes Slack Users to Our Hive!

Slack Beekeeper integration FI

Between 2015 and 2020, Beekeeper’s own Sharla Walkey and I had the wonderful opportunity to help build traction for Slack across its Enterprise and Large Enterprise segments. It was a chance to take part in one of the fastest growing organizations of all time, while getting to understand the dynamics of enterprise collaboration. During those years, we worked closely with hundreds of companies, including three of Slack’s ten biggest customers. 

Connecting Desktop Workers with the Frontline

When it comes to channel-based teamwork, integration with other best-of-breed solutions, scalability, flexibility, and engagement, Slack is second-to-none for desktop workers. Sharla and I couldn’t be more excited about their continued growth since we left, and we are looking forward to their next chapter with Salesforce.  

Still, whenever we worked with retailers, manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, or other industry leaders, one topic continually came up for both of us at Slack: “What about the frontline?”  

How can mobile-first, essential workers who don’t have access to corporate email accounts collaborate with the rest of the company? In many industries, this frontline population represents 70%+ of the workforce, and they are often left out of the loop when companies adopt solutions like Slack. Keeping these essential workers engaged, safe, and informed is a high-priority challenge for many business leaders, and it’s the reason why Beekeeper exists.

Seamlessly Share Content Between Beekeeper and Slack

Today, we are elated to announce Phase One of Beekeeper’s integration with Slack, aimed to connect the world’s most innovative desktop workers with their previously disconnected deskless counterparts. With this two-way connector between Slack’s channels and Beekeeper’s streams (similar to news feeds), forms, and groups, company-wide initiatives can be managed in one seamless ecosystem that empowers the frontline like never before.

Beekeeper's integration with Slack

With Beekeeper’s Slack integration, users can now: 

  • Publish an announcement from a public Slack channel into the appropriate Beekeeper stream with a simple, one-click message action. Map Slack channels to specific locations, groups, or properties in Beekeeper for better collaboration and feedback. 
  • Comments and reactions sync between the two platforms in easy-to-follow threads.  Posts and comments show their human author rather than a faceless integration bot.
  • Enable Beekeeper’s language translation capabilities to allow diverse populations of frontline workers to fully understand company initiatives and protocols. 
  • Use Beekeeper’s native forms to collect feedback, questions, or requests from the frontline. Sync that sentiment into the right Slack channel, where it can be used to gather ideas, tee up ask-me-anything experiences, or digitize frontline workflows. 
  • Leverage the power of Slack’s and Beekeeper’s platforms to integrate with complementary solutions (including single sign-on, HRIS, payroll, etc.) that integrate with both companies. 

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more efficient collaboration with Slack and Beekeeper

Sharla and I are excited to finally connect these two worlds together! We look forward to propelling the collaboration programs of our shared customers, not just a silo of their organization, but their entire company.

Simply put, Beekeeper + Slack = faster, more efficient collaboration across the organization. 

Want to learn more? If you’re a customer and you’re interested in trying out our new Slack integration, reach out to support@beekeeper.io or to your Customer Success Manager.

Not a Beekeeper customer yet? Request a free demo of the platform to learn more!