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Need to hire fast? Fill open roles with employee referrals.

Fill positions faster. Retain more employees. Lower recruitment costs.

Our employee referral solution can help you do it all. Our customer Wanzek Construction generated 525+ referrals in just 3 months. Here‘s how they solved their labor shortage problem.

The #1 Employee Referral Solution for the Frontline

How can you smash your recruiting goals by hiring high-quality candidates who stay longer?

The answer is our 4-step employee referral journey: Inform, Collect, Track, & Reward.

Spread the word about your referral program

Your frontline workforce can‘t submit employee referrals if they don‘t know where to find open job listings or how to refer candidates. Share referral guidelines with employees straight to their mobile device. Don‘t forget to announce incentives to rake in those referrals!

Get high-quality candidates to come to you

Notify your frontline workforce about job openings in real-time. Employees can view open positions and submit referrals in just four clicks.
The best part? Job listings refresh automatically — like magic!

Refer a friend on mobile phone
Refer a friend on mobile phone

Customer Success Story

Flagger Force used our solution to collect 800+ referrals and save over $249,000. They even saw retention improve by 67%.

Track your referral program performance with analytics

Maintain a healthy hiring pipeline by seeing how your referrals are performing. Optimize your hiring strategy based on reliable data you can trust.

Reward your employees and boost satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction and lower your hiring costs. Motivate employees by providing incentives for successful referrals. Whether it‘s a perk or a financial bonus, it‘s easy for your HR team to deliver incentives and reward employees.