The Legal Bit

Trust matters. We are committed to fostering a relationship based on secure systems, clear policies and legal documentation. Find out more on our Legal and Compliance pages.

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In the Legal & Compliance Hub, you’ll find the full collection of terms available all neatly arranged from A-Z.

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Secure systems, certified compliance and privacy matching your needs

We know that trust goes beyond the partnership agreements. So we’ve put together a whole separate page, where you can find out more about our platform security, regulatory compliance and privacy.

Secure Systems

Best-in-class security is at the core of our platform. Find out more about how we keep your business assets secure here.


Whether your interest is GDPR compliance or another topic, the Trust page helps you further.


We abide by the strictest international standards for data protection. Want to learn more about how we do that? Take a look.

Secure and Compliant