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and Productivity

Connect directly with your retail associates. Improve agility, safety, and the customer experience with a mobile collaboration platform.

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Beekeeper is really the backbone of how we’re able to communicate information out to the field.

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The One-Stop-Retail App Associates Need

Digitize processes through streamlined task management. Cut costs and boost associate productivity with a digital workplace.

Share checklists, inventory information, display guidelines, and more through mobile-friendly document management

Connect all your systems through one mobile platform

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Keep staff informed of relevant updates for their role and store location

Engage, Train, and Retain Staff

Your associates are a wealth of untapped knowledge and insight into your daily operations. Create a direct line of communication with them to boost engagement, retention, and product knowledge.

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Easily recognize employees for a job well done

Build a connected company culture by engaging with frontline associates

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Recruit the next generation of tech-savvy workers

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Level Up Your Associates’ Knowledge and Skills

Instantly share new promotions, product information, and more with your associates. Reach every sales employee with up-to-date marketing information to reduce time to market.

Share sales numbers and progress

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Increase cross-selling between departments

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Cement sales knowledge — quiz employees on current products and promotions

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Other Benefits Our Retail App Customers Love

Streamline Crisis Communication

Communicate health and safety or product recall information instantly to every employee. Send real-time updates about store closures and policy updates to your frontline associates.

Save Store Managers’ Time

Managers can spend up to 60% of their time coordinating between the front line and head office. Enable fast, two-way communication between admins, team leads, and associates.

Get Real-Time Analytics

Get up-to-the-minute data on who is reading your posts, message delivery confirmation, and employee engagement statistics.

Banking-Standard Security

Beekeeper abides by the strictest international standards for data protection. Your internal communications are safe with us. We are 100% GDPR compliant.

Make Your Workplace Tech Work for You

Digital Retail Forms

Save time by streamlining common processes. Get started with forms templates for retail, or create your own with Beekeeper’s Forms builder.

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Single Sign-On

SAML or JWT-based single sign-on allows users to seamlessly access 3rd party apps from Beekeeper.

Retail Template Package

Kick off your digital communication strategy with Survey and Campaign templates based on industry best practices.

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Build the Frontline Retail Workforce of the Future

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