Engage and Retain Your Workforce with an Employee Lifecycle Management System

Create a connected employee experience for every worker and manager

Close the gaps between onboarding and offboarding with an employee app that’s made for deskless workers and HR teams.

  • Keep talent happy, engaged, and productive from hire to retire
  • Cut admin tasks in half by automating HR processes
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Top rated frontline success system

Simon Kennedy, Chief Digital Officer at Foodstuffs

“We can take a lot of the goodness that’s in our culture and ramp up those conversations to the power of ten. Beekeeper has helped us to remove complexity, communicate clearly, and make everything easier to find!”

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An Employee Lifecycle Management Solution for your deskless workforce
Turn your employee experience from a maze to a map

Save time on repetitive tasks by automating the delivery of personalized messages, training materials, onboarding to-do’s, and more.

Preboarding and Onboarding

Prevent early quitting and paperwork nightmares. Get employees up and running fast.

  • Prepare new hires for their start date and send a warm welcome
  • Speed up onboarding with digital tasks, learning paths and video tutorials
  • Streamline data collection and integrate with existing HRIS tools
Training and Development

Don’t let talent go to waste. Boost retention and upskill your workforce.

  • Manage safety trainings and compliance records
  • Ensure knowledge retention with a quiz
  • Promote constructive feedback
  • Identify future managers and leaders
Recognition and Retention

Stop turnover before it happens and increase employee satisfaction.

  • Foster a culture of recognition
  • Show appreciation and boost morale
  • Distribute rewards to top performers
  • Check in with employees and conduct stay interviews
Employee Referrals

Cut recruitment costs and fill open roles. Hire high-quality candidates fast.

  • Share referral guidelines and incentives on mobile
  • Notify workers about new job openings
  • Track referral program performance with analytics
Improve employee lifecycle across hospitality, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, retail and more!
Connecting HR teams to their deskless workers and managers
retention savings annually
workers onboarded in weeks
pieces of paper saved pw
Bring your entire frontline workforce together in one employee app
The only employee lifecycle solution built for your needs
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For HR
Free yourself from admin work so you can focus on your people. Build a strong, unified culture and brand that everyone wants to be a part of.
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For IT
Consolidate your tech stack with one platform for your frontline teams with out-of-the-box integrations. Enjoy industry-leading adoption rates and control over your data.
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For Operations
Produce better output by keeping skilled workers in their jobs. Drive efficiencies across the organization through automation and task management.
Where Beekeeper fits into the frontline employee experience tech stack
Maximize your investment in existing HR and IT systems
Employee Apps
Employee Referrals Program
Mobile Self-Service
No-Code Workflow Engine
Recognition and Rewards
AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis
Real-Time Communications
Safety Training and Skill Development
Preboarding and Onboarding
Beekeeper is the All-in-One Solution for your deskless workforce
Beekeeper is more than just an Employee App. We are a Frontline Success System.
Your digital workspace for deskless workers

Beekeeper aims to connect, engage and retain your most valuable resource – your teams.
From shifts, to comms, to operations. We empower, simplify and automate. So you can focus on what’s important.

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Improve employee engagement with Frontline Intelligence

How are your frontline employees doing? Lack of insights leads to wrong business decisions. Drive employee engagement with AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis.

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Ensure the Health and Safety of your workforce

Put the safety of your frontline workers first. With safety communication, training and reporting on your employees mobile devices. Digitize safety and pre-shift checks for speed and compliance.

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Maximize Uptime, Minimize Downtime

Reduce the frequency of unplanned maintenance and stay compliant. Eliminate paper checklists and forms and replace them through digital maintenance and inspection processes.

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Fill Shifts faster & offer flexibility

Boost employee retention with better shift scheduling. Reduce shift absenteeism and improve productivity. Offer more flexibility and handle shift swap requests in minutes instead of hours.

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How expensive is your Status Quo?

“Business as usual” costs you more than you think.
Poor experience and disengaged employees result in high turnover, increased hiring, onboarding and training costs. How expensive is your frontline disconnect?

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