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Reach Every Manufacturing Employee

Connect directly with your workforce over app for manufacturing teams. Share information on a regional or global level. Train your
teams better. Keep employees safer.

The Manufacturing App Trusted by Global Companies

Improve Safety on the Factory Floor

Save up to $36,000 per year on lost productivity alone by reducing workplace accidents. Ensure critical information is read, and easily share policy updates or safety instructions with a frontline-focused manufacturing app.

Instantly reach your whole team in a crisis event

Comply with new health and safety regulations with easy access to updated SOPs

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Streamline manufacturing processes and project management with mobile checklists and digital safety forms

Speed Up Training

It takes on average 65 training hours to onboard a new employee. Instantly share up-to-date training materials to get new staff up to speed.

Share training videos to standardize processes

Send follow-up quizzes to confirm employees understand

Make guidelines and checklists digitally accessible from anywhere

Overcome Language Barriers

Save time and reduce miscommunication with smart management software. Automatically translate all content into your employees’ preferred language.

Cut costs by eliminating the need to hire translators for written communications

Instantly translate content into 100+ languages

Reduce safety incidents with a lean manufacturing app

Words From Our Manufacturing Customers

Other Benefits of Apps for Manufacturing Customers Love

Shift Coordination

Reduce absenteeism by centralizing all shift communication and posting schedules in the manufacturing app. Send automatic push notifications when new shifts are added or changes are made.

Save Managers’ Time

Managers can spend up to 60% of their time coordinating between the frontline and head office. Enable fast, two-way communication between admins, team leads, and employees. Lean manufacturing and smart project management made simple.

Real-Time Analytics

Get up-to-the-minute data on who is reading your posts, message delivery confirmation, and employee engagement statistics to improve manufacturing processes.

Banking-Standard Security

Beekeeper abides by the strictest international standards for data protection. Your internal communications are safe with us. We are a 100% GDPR compliant manufacturing app.

Make Your Employee App Work for You

HRIS User Sync Apps

Automatically sync app manufacturing users from your HRIS platform and save your admins at least one hour each day.

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Single Sign-On

SAML or JWT-based single sign-on allows users to seamlessly access 3rd party manufacturing apps from Beekeeper.

Kronos Integration

Integrate with Kronos Workforce Ready, Central, or Dimensions to automate shift communication in your apps for manufacturing.

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Build the Manufacturing Workforce of the Future

Manufacturing Safety Checklist

Build a safety-first culture and reduce accidents through better workplace practices and lean manufacturing.

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Cargill Case Study

“Over 12,000 non-wired employees have opted into using this Beekeeper and they are now easily connected to information, resources, and communication they didn’t have before.”

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How Holcim Saved $50,000 with Beekeeper

Here’s how a multinational manufacturing company saved $50,000 on reduced printing costs by going digital and improving project management.

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