Streamline Your Business with Beekeeper’s Shift Planning Software

Suffering from shift stress?
Cover every shift in minutes. 

Boost Employee Retention with Better Shift Scheduling

Mobile-first shift notifications built for frontline teams. Easily accommodate employee requests to offer shift flexibility.

Shift planning and coordination software designed with your frontline employees in mind.

Shift stress is the #1 cause of frontline burnout. Give your teams the relief they need.

How do you reduce shift absenteeism and improve productivity?

Effective shift communication leads to fewer no shows and better-staffed shifts. Ensure each shift has enough people to do quality work.

Cover every shift with the Beekeeper Shift Scheduling Software

Cover Every Shift with Beekeeper’s Shift Scheduling Software

Share shift schedules in real-time. Your frontline workers will never miss a shift again because they didn’t know when they were expected to be working.

Need to make changes to a shift? With with the Beekeeper Shift Scheduling Software, employees automatically get a push notification with the update. No more printing out paper schedules that employees have to hunt down.

Offer More Shift Flexibility

Handle shift swap requests in minutes instead of hours. Employees find shifts to swap with and submit the request for automatic review with Beekeeper’s Shift Planning Software. 

Have an employee that can’t make their shift at the last minute? Fill last-minute open shifts without making a single phone call and give your frontline workers the flexibility to pick up extra work.

Offer More Shift Flexibility with Beekeeper's Shift Planning Software

Customer Success Story

Before Beekeeper, 1-2 shift managers spent 2 or more days calling and searching for employees to work weekend jobs. Now, Flagger Force managers can get everyone’s availability in just a few clicks to fill every shift.

Shift Handovers Made Simple with Beekeeper's Shift Planning Software

Shift Handovers Made Simple

Close the loop on open tasks and resolve issues faster with digitized shift handover notes. No more logbook binders or paper sticky note reminders with Beekeeper’s Shift Scheduling Software.

Extend your Existing Shift Scheduling Solution to the Frontline

Put shift information in every employee’s pocket and keep the shift scheduling solution you already use. Whether you build your shift schedules in Excel, UKG Dimensions, or UKG Ready, get more value from the tools and technologies you’ve already invested in.

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  • What types of businesses can benefit from Beekeeper’s shift scheduling software?

    Beekeeper is fully optimized for frontline success. We work best with companies in hospitality, retail, manufacturing or construction