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Enjoy Endless Automation with Beekeeper Chatbots!

To kickoff the new decade, Beekeeper is introducing a host of new options to automate workflows for your frontline teams with Webhooks for Beekeeper Chats. With Webhooks in Chat, you can simplify and automate everyday processes by giving your mobile workforce access to their go-to tools from within Beekeeper Chats. And, with a new Instant Chat Message trigger in Zapier, you can start building chatbots and connecting systems right now.

If this sounds intriguing but a bit too technical, we hear you. To help you get inspired, we put together a few examples of new instant chatbot integrations you could set up today with Beekeeper and Zapier. The best part? There’s absolutely no coding required!

That’s right. You don’t have to be a technical genius or a super coding wiz to create your very own chatbots.

Of course, these are just a few examples to get you started — we can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

1) OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive Bot

Create a bot that searches and returns files from OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive upon request. With a Drive Search Bot, users simply type in a file name to their Beekeeper Chat, and the bot returns the relevant file from your preferred cloud file storage system.

Simplify file searching on mobile for your frontline workers by setting up an instant Zap that lets a bot do all the heavy lifting, right from your Beekeeper Chat. With a real-time, Zapier-powered chatbot, you can make it easy for frontline teams to bring additional details and information into conversations with a simple request for files from your company’s cloud file storage system.

2) Excel Bot

If you use Excel as your single source of truth for things like upcoming menus, shift schedules, work anniversaries, rewards and recognition point balances, or any other shared information, help your teams easily access information by setting up a Zap that connects Beekeeper Chats to your Excel sheet. Frontline workers can easily search for specific rows of information via chatbots without having to leave the Beekeeper app on their phones.

3) Tasks Bot

Beeekeeper's HR chatbot

Make it easy for frontline workers to create new tasks for their teammates or update the status of their own tasks from within Beekeeper Chats. With Zapier and Beekeeper, you can connect Beekeeper Chats to Asana, Trello, Monday.com, Jira, Zendesk, and other project management tools.

With the Instant Chat Message trigger, you can create new tasks as soon as needs arise, or update tickets the moment there’s a status change, all from within Beekeeper.

4) Video Conference Bot

Ever wish you could just hop into a quick meeting with everyone in your Group Chat? Connect your Chat to your virtual conferencing tool to create and share meeting links on the spot. Add your video conferencing bot to your Group Chat and when you need to video conference, call on the bot to create a meeting link that other members of your group can use for impromptu video meetings.

5) Weather Bot

Don’t be caught off guard by unexpected weather—plan ahead and communicate in Beekeeper! Create a Weather Bot that tells you the forecast for today or tomorrow within your Beekeeper Chat.

Using Weather by Zapier and the Beekeeper Instant Chat Message trigger, you can make it easy for your frontline teams to plan around the weather easily within a Beekeeper 1:1 or Group Chat.

With Beekeeper’s Instant Chat Message trigger in Zapier, you can create chatbots that connect your frontline workforce with over 1,500 third party apps. What’s more, if you want to create a chatbot that connects Beekeeper to another tool that you don’t see in the Zapier app network, you can build it thanks to Webhooks for Chats in Beekeeper!

Reach out to your customer success manager or start a conversation with us online to learn more.

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