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How New US Labor Rules Affect Hospitality & How Beekeeper Can Help

Starting December 1st, 2016, hotel companies around the US had to make some tough decisions when it came to their staff. On that date, the minimum salary for exempt employees was raised to $47,476, plus increases to keep up with future inflation. This means that any employee under that salary level became eligible for overtime pay, with a few exceptions.

Those in favor of the change thought it was long overdue, while opponents believed it would make doing business more difficult because of increased labor costs. For employees and employers in the US hospitality business there were some inevitable changes. Here’s how Beekeeper can help make changes like these smooth for hospitality teams.

1. Transparency

Labor issues generally aren’t handled out in the open, but rather behind closed doors. But with Beekeeper’s ability to increase employee engagement, simplify onboarding, and decrease turnover, the unspoken costs of these new labor rules can be mitigated with more efficient employee relations. Company decisions can be dispatched via campaigns or group messaging within Beekeeper to ensure the right people get the right information.

2. Scheduling

With the new labor rules, scheduling and keeping track of employee hours becomes essential to managing costs and ensuring employees have a quality work experience. Group messaging enables your teams to manage their schedules as a group without a centralized command. This take pressure off your management, which often spends a skewed amount of time solving scheduling conflicts, sick leave, and balancing other work scenarios. With an instant feed for your teams, management can focus on more essential matters without worrying about their employees working too much or too little.

3. Culture

The worst thing that can happen to any organization during a time of change is to damage their culture with a lack of communication or a failure to express company values. Any organizational changes that have to be made to accommodate the new rules need to be properly communicated so they understand what to expect and when. By showing the culture and practices that management use are the same as the front-line employees, you can show them you walk the talk when it comes to following culture. With Beekeeper’s analytics, you can track the pulse of your organization, see what topics your employees are talking about, and get visibility among your staff by managing changes.

Today about half the US workforce is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), with that number increasing on December 1st. A digital internal communications solution like Beekeeper, can help you effectively communicate new policies regarding overtime to your employees as well as allow employees without email address to connect with each other. By showing your staff how you came to those decisions and managing them effectively, you can turn a potential headache into an accomplishment for your company, making the culture and organization even stronger.

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