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Beekeeper Employee App Product Release Notes May 2018

This month, the Beekeeper product team is bringing you a wealth of new, exciting feature releases for Beekeeper’s employee app. Some of the primary highlights include a number of improvements to our secure messaging experience, and chatbot innovations for gamification. We also worked on some major software system architecture changes to accommodate the internal communication complexities at larger organizations.

Beekeeper Product Release Highlights

  • New Chat Inbox (Web): The new chat interface on the web app makes secure messaging even easier to use. Search secure messaging conversations by title (or participants if named in the title) and switch easily between your chat inbox and the archive folder. We also improved the responsiveness of the page so that it loads faster.
Screen shot of new secure messaging inbox for secure messaging Beekeeper employee app
  • Manage users, groups, and internal communication streams by Unit (Dashboard): We are making outstanding progress on the Units element in the Dashboard, integrating complex organizational charts seamlessly on the Beekeeper employee app. More details to follow in the coming weeks!
Units element for Beekeeper employee app Dashboard integrating organizational charts
  • Call button from user profile (Android): Easily reach your colleagues over the phone through the new call button available on the user profile. Calls can be made directly to colleagues within our employee app from your phone. This feature is available if the user has a phone number listed in their Beekeeper profile.
Call button from user profile
  • Migration to a new employee app version: We are in the process of migrating many of our customers onto a new version of Beekeeper to ensure a seamless employee app experience in the coming years.
  • New Referral Page: Do you know other internal communication experts? Use the new “Get Rewarded” button in the Beekeeper employee app dashboard to share your love for Beekeeper with friends and professional networks. You can also visit this referral page. For your referral, you will get an Amazon gift card and your friend will get a complimentary month of using Beekeeper.

More Beekeeper Employee App Capabilities

  • Built gamification chatbots for secure messaging, such as the Hangman chatbot and Giphy chatbot
  • When sharing media in a chat, we will now include the name of the chat in the confirmation dialogue to ensure secure messaging through extra access and sharing control (Android)
  • Language addition: In the latter part of May 2018, Beekeeper’s employee app will be available in Korean (all platforms)
  • Download the mobile employee app button (Web app)
  • Add multiple users to a group all at once (Dashboard)
  • Add multiple groups to a user all at once (Dashboard)
  • Add multiple users to stream permissions all at once (Dashboard)
  • In-app secure messaging for end users is active on iOS, Android and Web versions of Beekeeper

Our number one goal is to make sure our customers are happy and using the Beekeeper employee app to its full extent. If you would like to see a new feature added, contact your Customer Success Manager.

For more information about Beekeeper’s employee app, specific features, and use cases, check out our Help Center.

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