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Hotel Management Roundtable Takes Look at Transformative Technology

With the crush of new concepts coming at hoteliers basically on a daily basis, choosing from among myriad options what might work and at the same time provide a value-add, cost-effective addition to operations has become an art form in itself. Assessing what will remain highly functional and relatively problem-free also adds a layer of decision-making to the selection process.

Still, those within hospitality are bent on wrangling any connected challenges and integrating the innovations that resonate. So, what’s top of mind in this regard as the industry kicks off 2020?

Hotel Management’s recent Executive Roundtable, “Reimagining Hospitality: Innovation that Sticks and Transforms Hotel Operations,” tackled the topic.

Sponsored exclusively by Beekeeper, the event, held in November at 1 Hotel Central Park in New York City, brought together an expert panel from several disciplines that delivered intel on what participants saw as transformational operationally.

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