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Open Enrollment can be challenging for HR teams trying to wrangle employees into making informed decisions on their annual healthcare options. It’s usually a time full of emails, memos, material packages, and growing FAQs that center on one common goal: to enroll each eligible employee. 

There’s no question, there are a lot of moving parts to Open Enrollment, and sometimes, that comes at the cost of overextending HR teams. However, with some forward-thinking, mobile tools, and go-to templates, that workload can easily be cut in half. This is why we developed this Ultimate Open Enrollment Communications Kit!

This package was created to help streamline Open Enrollment communications for HR leaders. Use these helpful templates to prepare for the upcoming season, engage more employees, and smash your Open Enrollment goals for the year.

Open Enrollment Resources:

  • Open Enrollment Checklist for HR leaders
  • Benefits Acknowledgement Form
  • Open Enrollment Communication Timeline
  • Sample Open Enrollment Communication Announcement
  • Post-Open Enrollment Employee Survey

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