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Meet Beekeeper’s 2023 Frontline Hero Award Winners!

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Our annual frontline hero awards are always a crowd favorite. One of our favorite moments from this year’s Frontline Success Summit was getting to recognize some of the exceptional frontline workers out there who go above and beyond for their colleagues, their company, and their customers. 

Introducing Beekeeper’s Frontline Voices Program! Nominate your frontline hero today

We asked our customers for nominations for the Frontline Hero Awards and we were touched by the stories we read. 

We received an incredible 100 nominations from 35 different companies! 

The ceremony was hosted by Beekeeper’s Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Moore at the 2023 Frontline Success Summit. 

Drumroll, please! Meet the 2023 Frontline Hero Award Winners.

1) Raqi Kosta, Residences Houseperson

Mandarin Oriental Boston 

A quality we look for when selecting our frontline heroes is an optimistic outlook. And that perfectly captures Raqi Kosta. Raqi takes diligent care of the Mandarin Oriental Boston property and always makes his team smile. He takes pride in his job and says “I love seeing happy people.” 

The general manager of the hotel says Raqi “consistently shows care” in his work and always takes open shifts to help his colleagues. He’s got a positive and enthusiastic attitude and that’s something we look for in our frontline heroes. Congratulations, Raqi!

2. Chris Hunter, Director of Field Support

Red Bull

For 13 years, Chris Hunter has worked for Red Bull. He leads a team of seven account sales managers who go around the U.S. to support business expansion. Chris is passionate about motivating his team. “At the end of the day when we’re doing the best things for them and you have their best interests in mind, they’re going to give you everything they’ve got.” 

Frontline businesses rely on passionate frontline leaders like Chris to motivate their field teams. His manager describes Chris as “an inspirational leader you will follow into battle.” Sounds like the kind of manager everyone needs in their organization! Congratulations, Chris!

3. Carlos Isais, Guest Relations Specialist

Caribou Coffee

When we say we look for frontline team members who go above and beyond, we mean it! Carlos Isais got a call from a customer desperately trying to find a Caribou Coffee Mug no longer sold. It was a gift from her late sister that got lost. So Carlos hopped onto Caribou’s Beekeeper stream to track one down. It wasn’t long before Carlos located a mug and drove himself to pick it up and ship it to the customer. It’s no wonder his colleagues describe him as a “superhero customer service representative.”

The infamous squirrel mug

“Making a difference is just knowing what you do best and encouraging others around you to do the same.” We couldn’t agree more, Carlos. Congratulations!

Beekeeper’s Frontline Heroes couldn’t be in Nashville, so Sarah and the crowd sent them a special message.

Congratulations to Raqi, Chris, and Carlos for all your hard work. And to all the frontline workers out there – thank you for all you do!

Introducing Beekeeper’s Frontline Voices Program

We believe in celebrating the heart of our mission – the frontline employees who bridge the gap. In the spirit of acknowledging outstanding contributions, we introduced the Frontline Hero Awards last year. The response was overwhelming, with incredible stories of dedication and excellence from frontline teams.

The tales of these unsung heroes moved and inspired us deeply. That’s why we’ve decided to extend the recognition beyond a yearly event. We believe these remarkable individuals deserve ongoing acknowledgment for their continuous efforts.

Is there a standout colleague on your team who consistently goes above and beyond? Someone who selflessly supports their teammates and leaves a lasting impact on both your business and the community? Take a moment to nominate them for the Beekeeper Frontline Hero Award today! Let’s shine a spotlight on those who truly make a difference.

Nominate your frontline hero today