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6 Steps Grocers Can Take to Empower Their Frontline Workers With Technology

How grocers can empower frontline workers with Beekeeper

E-commerce in the grocery industry was already climbing in the past few years, with 23% of United States households shopping for groceries online in 2017.

Today, however, a growing number of households have picked up the online grocery habit throughout COVID-19, with 43% saying they’re likely to continue with this even after the pandemic ends. As the country continues to rely on e-commerce within the grocery industry, what are retailers and industry professionals doing to adequately equip frontline workers?

Many key players in retail mapped out aggressive digital transformation plans in 2020, and it’s time for grocery retailers to do the same. This requires prioritizing frontline workers and giving them the tools they need to succeed (beyond bonuses or temporary hazard pay). A successful digital transformation requires the right blend of technology that ensures a strong frontline communication strategy and connects workers with the relevant digital tools. This allows companies to streamline operations and build lasting loyalty

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