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What is Workplace Management?

Direct messaging. Scheduling. Payroll. Productivity. 

You’ve got too many applications. You might struggle to keep track of all of them and streamline operations. Your employees find it frustrating to use all of them. The more time spent searching for tools, the less time spent being productive.

Workplace management encompasses the tools and strategy used to optimize efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Workplace management can include:

  • Workspace optimization
  • Workplace safety
  • Automated workflows 
  • Equipment and layout optimization

What Can Workplace Management Software Do for Your Business?

Workplace management software is the tool or set of tools that helps organizations:

Some key benefits of implementing an integrated workplace management solution include:

  • Saving on real estate costs by optimizing workflows
  • Keeping workplaces safe with timely safety alerts and education/training
  • Minimizing employee burnout by managing employees’ time 
  • Connecting remote and frontline workers

What is an Integrated Workplace Management System?

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) is a workplace platform that helps organizations keep their physical workspaces running in an optimal manner. The goal of IWMS software is to bring together data about workspace management so that organizations can make more informed decisions about:

  • Creating a more productive, cost-effective workplace
  • Maintaining facilities 
  • Sustainability
  • Lease accounting
  • How to streamline operations

By centralizing workspace-related data on one workplace platform and creating an integrated workplace management solution, organizations can make decisions on how to save time and money on keeping their physical spaces running.

Integrate Quickly and Securely with Beekeeper

Beekeeper’s remote workplace management software integrations lets you:

Protect Your Data

Your data security is our top priority. Beekeeper follows the strictest international standards for data protection, so your business information is always safe. Beekeeper’s secure group messaging, fully-monitored user controls, and GDPR compliance ensures full data security.

Reduce Setup Time

Beekeeper requires little or no time to maintain. Getting started is easy, intuitive, and doesn’t require special training or even an email address.

Encourage Adoption

The hardest part of introducing any new technology is getting employees to use it. With Beekeeper, employees don’t have to learn a new and difficult system.

Get Real Support

You deserve a partner who understands your frontline business as well as they understand technology. We’re experts in the unique challenges of frontline workers and our dedicated customer success team is here to help you every step of the way.

Add Out-Of-The Box Integrations

Connect with 3rd party systems, add chatbots, mobile learning solutions, task management tools, survey tools, and more!

Keep your apps. Keep your systems. Just make them easier to use. Unify your tech stack. 

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Our Remote Workplace Management Software Integrations Let You:

Simplify Your Tech

Many frontline employees use an unwieldy array of tools, apps, and other products to do their everyday work.


use an app to request time off


use Whatsapp or another SMS tool


use a special shift scheduling app

Working their way through these is time-consuming and inefficient. Every moment spent finding apps and sorting through them is wasted time. 

Unifying apps in one hub eliminates frustration, increases productivity, and helps them work better together. 

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Create An Easier Interface

App fatigue: it’s what can happen when we’re jumping from one app to another and our brains have to adjust to different layouts, designs and structures. 

The mental toll of app switching negatively impacts worker productivity. Integrating apps into one, centralized workplace management platform reduces context switching and app fatigue.

By logging into a single platform for all communication and collaboration needs, employees can minimize workflow disruption and maximize their mental energy for the task at hand.

Connect Desk and Frontline Workers

At Beekeeper, we’ve noticed the massive disconnect between what frontline workers need and what executives at frontline organizations think they need. Often, frontline teams continue using communication systems that simply do not suit the reality of frontline work.

Beekeeper’s remote workplace software integrations allow corporate HQ in frontline organizations to stay connected with workers in the field or on the factory floor. Instead of a top-down communication model that gives little opportunity for employees to have their voices heard, Beekeeper fuels engagement and continuous feedback.

Instead of guessing what their workers need, frontline leaders can make informed decisions based on real employee feedback and data.

Factory worker using remote workforce management software.

What Apps Can You Integrate with Beekeeper?

What kind of apps can be integrated into Beekeeper’s remote workforce management software? 

Ready to Integrate Your Applications? 

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What Integration Will Make Your Work Easier?

Can’t find what you need? Using a tool that’s not on our list? You don’t have to start over. Connect with us to request a new integration. 

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All Your Favorite Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

With our remote workforce management software, you have a platform to connect the top tools used by workers on the frontline.


Automatically sync content, users, documents and files between Microsoft and Beekeeper.

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Build code-free integrations with over 2,000 3rd party tools on the Zapier marketplace.

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HRIS Tools

Save time and costs on user management and automatically sync users from your HRIS platform.

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It’s Not a New App. It’s Freedom.  

If you like the apps you’re using, you don’t have to replace them. With Beekeeper’s impactful integrations, you’re free to work with whatever apps fit your business the best. You can choose your vendors. You can plan your business tech around your goals. 

We don’t want you to start over. We just want you to have the freedom to grow. 

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