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Top Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software for Frontline Workers

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The term “mobile workforce” seems to imply a spread: a workforce without a center, moving around, constantly untethered. But really, the opposite needs to be true. A productive mobile workforce is a connected entity, whose center might be a head office, or could be the cloud. Whatever its nature, there is an organizing force around which everyone revolves. 

In a traditional workplace setting, that organizing force can be as simple as a bulletin board or a mass email. But the mobile frontline workforce is different. Not everyone has email, and not everyone is present in a single building. To communicate effectively, you need tech-enabled tools that tie people together. You need mobile workforce management software. 

The benefits of mobile workforce management software are powerful, and the right software creates a center that transforms mobile employees into a true workforce. 

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The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software

Mobile workforce management software opens up opportunities for meaningful change across your organization. 

Transform Internal Communication

In a traditional workplace setting, communication is easy. You can swing by a desk, catch up in the breakroom, or make an announcement in the morning meeting. When your workforce is mobile and on the front lines, that isn’t possible—but communication is no less important.

Communication in frontline-majority industries has traditionally come from the top down. But one-way communication doesn’t give you—or your employees—the best results. Instead, workers should be encouraged to talk to each other and have reliable ways of sharing information. 

They also need ways to talk to their employers. 

One of the most important benefits of mobile workforce software is its ability to create internal communication loops that keep management, team leaders, and on-the-floor employees in constant two-way contact. This tech-driven internal communication approach can help you:

  • Reduce stress on frontline workers
  • Prioritize mental health and wellbeing
  • Streamline workflows 
  • Reduce scheduling challenges 
  • Ensure safety protocols are met

In a tight labor market and uncertain economic landscape, these capabilities are invaluable.

Mobile Workforce Management Software in Action: Hudson

Whether you’re in San Diego or Burlington, you can count on Hudson employees to know what’s going on and how to help. That’s partly due to Hudson’s use of mobile workforce management software.

In 2018, Hudson turned to Beekeeper to unify communication and establish an ingenious network of management-to-employee and peer-to-peer communication tools. As a result, they can now:

  • Have more consistent product rollouts across stores
  • Troubleshoot problems using peer-to-peer networks
  • Share tips across the country
  • Communicate plans, goals, and other high-level messaging

Additionally, connecting employees with each other and with the central office fostered an understanding of the bigger picture and generated a sense of community within the company. With the benefits of mobile workforce management software, 1000 individual stores became part of a unified organism.

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Improve Engagement

21%. That’s how much more productive engaged employees are, according to Gallup. That productivity translates to more satisfied customers, more efficient processes, and more successful businesses. 

How do employees stay engaged? By communicating. By understanding the mission. By having a sense of purpose. Without the right tools, that can be hard for a mobile workforce. 

Your mobile workforce is, well, working. They’re driving trucks, helping customers on the retail floor, caring for patients, and keeping the warehouses moving. They don’t always have the time to check in on the bulletin board, real or virtual, or give feedback to management through traditional channels.

Mobile workforce management software provides opportunities to boost engagement in ways that make sense for frontline workers, including:

  • Facilitating onboarding to get people started the right way
  • Creating easy-to-use polls to check the temperature of a team
  • Sharing training, job posting, and promotional opportunities
  • Improving safety with digital training

Engagement is improved when everyone can hear and be heard. Mobile workforce management makes that happen. 

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Provide Mobile-first Accessibility

Your mobile workforce relies on internet-connected devices, but not in the way old-fashioned offices do. Not every driver is going to have a company email address, and not every retail clerk is going to be logging onto a laptop. For frontline workers, mobility is essential.  

One of the key benefits of mobile workforce management software is its ability to bring news, updates, messages, resources, promotions, and safety warnings to workers no matter where they are. A mobile-first platform allows your employees to stay connected and engaged via the devices they use every day.

Mobile Workforce Management Software in Action: How Amsted Keeps Employees Safe

Amsted is a leading global manufacturer of railcar components. When the COVID pandemic hit, keeping employees safe while maintaining capacity became a top concern. Initially, Amsted spent hours every day testing employees before their shifts and completing paper-based HR processes to comply with health and safety guidelines.

To improve efficiency and agility, the company partnered with Beekeeper. Using workforce management software, they were able to:

  • Centralize internal communication
  • Screen employees using digital surveys before shifts
  • Digitize employee data and eliminate paper-based HR processes
  • Ensure frontline workers have instant mobile access to critical information and documentation

As a result, Amsted increased productivity while respecting employee time and keeping workers safe.

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Stay Competitive by Creating Connection

The United States is facing one of its tightest labor markets on record, with unemployment rates at a near-record low. This gives employees more power to choose where they want to work. That means companies that engage and respect workers. 

With mobile workforce software management, you can do that. It isn’t about giving orders; it’s about opening communication. It’s about finding solutions to global problems and on-the-floor issues. It’s about making people feel connected so they can collaborate in the best way possible.

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