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2022 Frontline Trends Report

How the labor shortage is permanently changing the employee experience for hourly workers

The Great Resignation has changed the way companies look at talent – especially their frontline employees. The labor shortage that followed COVID-19 has massively impacted every industry worldwide

Frontline workers are in short supply, and the demand for their talent is at a tipping point. That’s why in 2022, there is only one critical focal point top of mind for almost every business: hiring and retaining employees. Which, as we know, begins with the employee experience.

With frontline-majority organizations ready to make fundamental, systemic changes to the employee experience for hourly workers, we thought it was important to find out exactly what these employees wanted at work. So, we asked. Their responses, combined with in-depth, independent research, identified top trends businesses need to prepare for in the next year. 

In this report we reveal:

  • Key findings from our first-ever frontline worker survey
  • Top frontline trends that will transform the future of work for frontline employees
  • Actions businesses can take to improve their frontline employee experience 

“History’s largest labor shortage has put a spotlight on the frontline workers who are essential to business and our lives. To make these workers’ lives easier, we must empower them with better tools. The shift toward technology-enabled workplaces should be a top priority for businesses this year. By revolutionizing the way workforces collaborate, we can ensure employee well-being and retention, improve operations, and drive business growth and profitability.”

Flavio Pfaffhauser, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Beekeeper