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3 Ways a Team App Helps You Reach Employees Who Don’t Have Email

Choose the Right Software

Employee communication is frequently overlooked as a core component of a thriving workplace. This is especially true for companies with off-site team members. Fortunately, a team app is an easy way to improve workplace communication.

A team app is simply a mobile application that facilitates conversations between employees, their managers, company leadership, and coworkers and can be accessed via a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Nearly 13 million U.S citizens hold manufacturing jobs and 75 million Americans work at a cash register, kitchen, factory, or job site. Most of these frontline workers are not issued company email addresses.

1. Best Ways to Communicate with Employees: Send Real-Time Updates No Matter Where They Are

80% of the world’s workforce does NOT work behind a desk. They’re out in the field, on the shop floor, behind a cash register, and everywhere else you can think of. 

These mobile workers need more than an old school email address and an outdated intranet. They need a team app that is easy to use and allows them to send and receive information in real-time. Stopping every five minutes to make a phone call? Not anymore. With a team app, deskless employees can send chat messages, access SOP documents, and receive important push notifications all from their very own mobile phones. 

2. How to Communicate with Employees: Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Digital signage is the new break room bulletin board. By investing in a team app with digital signage capabilities, you’ll be able to reinforce the messaging you’re sending to your team on their smartphones.

Digital Signage
Digital signage in break rooms helps you reach every employee.

Position your digital signage in high-traffic areas to display company announcements, policy changes, or employee shout out. Messages that would otherwise be sent via email can now be broadcasted throughout the workplace for all to see.

3. How to Communicate Changes to Employees: Mobile Team Chat Apps for Workforce Management

For the millions of frontline employees who don’t have work emails, many companies are using a team app to manage their internal communications

While a corporate email address may not be common for frontline workers, access to a smartphone is. A team app allows companies to communicate with employees on their own personal mobile devices, which is both convenient for the workers and cost-effective for the company. It’s a win/win. 

With targeted, timely mobile messaging, your internal communication can be dramatically more effective than a typical work email. For hourly employees, they can get push notifications for important messages during work hours, and then simply pause notification once they’re off the clock. A team app allows managers to communicate vital information to their employees, while still respecting their free-time once they leave the worksite. 

For mobile employees who don’t have a company email, it’s critical to make sure they feel included in all internal communications. Team chat apps allow organizations to stay in touch with their entire workforce and send real-time updates from anywhere, to anyone.

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