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Top 10 Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

The traditional group messaging strategy centered on a bulletin board has serious flaws: namely, notices get lost, important messages get missed, and there’s no reliable method to track that your workforce is receiving vital company information. Digital technology has long since replaced bulletin boards as the go-to team communication tool, but did you know that digital signage is just as valuable to your digital workplace? Workplace digital signage provides a highly-visible internal communication platform to share information and keep your mobile workforce in-the-know. The result? A well-informed, more productive team, which enhances the customer experience.

The first place to start is to consider strategic placement of digital signage screens. Place digital signage in high-traffic areas for best results, such as:

  • Break rooms
  • Staff cafeterias
  • Conference rooms

Here are the top 10 benefits of adding digital signage to your workplace:

1. Clear, Convenient Group Messaging

Workers often suffer from message overload due to the time it takes out of the workday; important messages can thus get lost in the mix. With digital signage, you can display critical internal communications that needs to reach your team in real time. Time for open enrollment in the company health plan? Remind your workforce through digital signage where they can’t be missed.

2. Automated Internal Communication

Curate digital signage content through an automated system. You can create original content, or you can import it from other internal communication streams. It’s the perfect outlet to share reminders, new policies, and employee recognition in an interactive way. It can even display basic information like a conference room schedule. If you already use an internal communication app like Beekeeper, digital signage content is easily managed from your digital workplace dashboard which allows different screens to display different information.

3. Slideshows for Automated Unified Messaging

At the InterContinental Miami hotel, digital signage complements their Beekeeper digital workplace. Before, the hotel used a time-consuming content generator through their TV system which needed constant oversight. With Beekeeper’s digital signage, a user-friendly slideshow builder allows the system to automatically refresh content on a predetermined time frame.

4. High-Visibility for Your Mobile Workforce and Digital Signage Benefits

Whether it’s a hotel, a construction site, or a manufacturing plant, frontline employees are on-the-move. Checking mobile devices for work messages often happens during breaks and after hours, and time-sensitive information might be missed. The digital signage benefits make it the perfect team communication tool to distribute information in real time.

5. Digital Signage Connects Frontline Teams

At the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., the night shift team felt disconnected with the day shift. This changed when the Watergate added digital signage as a team communication tool to their digital workplace powered by Beekeeper. Digital signage helped transfer important information as one team passed the torch to the other.

“Because I work overnight it’s hard to communicate with staff that work during the day and to figure out what exactly is going on. Using Beekeeper’s digital signage feature helps us communicate with and celebrate the morning and overnight teams about things that happened during the day in our outlets.”
Eric Costley, Night Manager, The Watergate Hotel

6. Improved Workplace Safety and the Benefits of Digital Communication

Digital signage can help ensure workplace safety. If there’s an equipment failure on the factory floor, that message needs to be distributed immediately so it’s seen by all workers right away. Digital signage offers an internal communication channel that’s perfect for immediate alerts, which is a great benefit of digital communication.

7. Fosters Workforce Collaboration

When employees are gathered together in one place, like in a break room, digital signage displays can offer conversation starters: a new company policy, results of an employee survey, or the employee of the month. As the information streams, employees can read and discuss the topics together. This creates connections for better teamwork and increased collaboration.

8. Increased Corporate Transparency With Digital Signage Corporate Communications

Transparency is a big-ticket item when it comes to increasing employee engagement. It’s the ultimate trust-builder, and a growing trend in corporate culture. Sharing company metrics and performance flattens company hierarchy and engages workers. They get a visual of where the company is and where it’s headed, and can align their goals accordingly for digital signage corporate communications.

9. Improved Customer Experience by Building Brand Ambassadors

Frontline employees are often your customer’s first experience with your brand. Digital signage will help frontline workers double as brand ambassadors by equipping them with corporate information without having to step away from the customer to ask a manager. When employees are empowered with the right information when they need it, they are able to provide an even better customer experience.

10. Creates Better Company Culture

Corporate culture is shaped by internal communication. Digital signage can be an integral part of creating a thriving company culture with more workforce-focused content, such as celebrating employee birthdays, introducing new workers, and baby announcements. When employees feel acknowledged and appreciated in the workplace, it creates a culture of support and camaraderie which help with employee retention.

If you’re ready to up your group messaging game, digital signage will be a valuable addition to your internal communication strategy.

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