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Beekeeper’s Team App Fosters Employee Engagement at MOD Pizza

With 6,000 employees and counting, Megan Hansen, Former SVP of People at MOD Pizza, knows firsthand how important it is to successfully connect a fast-growing, dispersed workforce of frontline workers.

After opening about 100 stores each year over the past two years, MOD Pizza needed a digital communication solution. They also needed something that could scale quickly and support the internal communication goals of the expanding company.

Prioritizing Employee Experience Leads Thriving Company Core Values

Along with their four core values — grit, growth, generosity, and gratitude —helping MOD Pizza employees with their professional development is at the heart of MOD Pizza’s purpose. The ability to nurture employee engagement and positive employee experience thus figured prominently into the company’s selection process when searching for an internal communication solution.

What ultimately sealed the deal? As a nimble, friendly, and super easy to use team app, Beekeeper was a natural solution. So, MOD Pizza decided to nurture their thriving company culture through direct, two-way communication.

Hansen remarks on two key aspects of their internal culture: leadership buy-in and modeling.

“At MOD, what I value tremendously is that our CEO is truly our number one culture carrier. It’s really infused in the way we are structured as an executive team, and how we run all the other different parts of the business.


Delivering Two-Way Internal Communication for MOD Pizza’s Workforce

MOD Pizza needed two things from an employee app.

  1. Two-way communication
  2. Direct access to their “MOD Squad” at the store level

The majority of employees at MOD Pizza don’t have a company email address. Also, employees didn’t have a centralized system, like an intranet to get information. As a people-focused company, MOD Pizza needed a solution to unite their team ASAP.

An App for Employee Engagement Through Storytelling

The executive team holds a biweekly huddle to talk through operational needs and share customer insights. Since storytelling is so integral to MOD’s culture, their People Team often leverages customer stories in their employee engagement efforts.

Prior to Beekeeper, this storytelling was more siloed without an adequate platform for sharing. “Everyone at MOD is responsible for company culture,” notes Hansen.

“The People team is responsible for creating a sandbox for this for everyone to share and a structure to foster and grow how it shows up in our business and employee engagement.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does mod in MOD Pizza stand for?

MOD Pizza stands for Made On Demand Pizza