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3 Ways to Use an Employee Recognition App for Workforce Appreciation

When it comes to an employee recognition app, a little can go a long way. The point is to be demonstrative in your recognition efforts. Openly acknowledging the stellar performance, contribution, and attitude of your hardworking workforce can be as simple as a verbal commendation, or involve a reward of some kind.

With a team communication app like Beekeeper, sharing the achievements of your team is as simple as posting a candid photo of a colleague excelling on-the-job, sending a complimentary note via group messaging, or conducting a poll to vote on personalized rewards.

Plus, posting this kind of highly-visible recognition through your employee app has the added benefit of encouraging employee engagement by giving everyone the ability to view, share, and comment.

1. A Virtual Thank You Card: Post Praise on Your Team Communication App

Did you receive a comment from a customer about a frontline employee who went above and beyond to make their day? This is a great example of discretionary effort, which is when an employee decides to give their best and better because they are invested in the company and successfully engaged.

Posting a quote or rave review from a satisfied customer about exceptional service and tagging your coworker in your team communication app is a simple yet effective way to publicly acknowledge their awesome performance. Likewise, sending a personal message directly to the exemplary employee through your team communication app lets them know you recognize and appreciate their efforts.

2. Power in Numbers: Invite Your Workforce to Recognize Each Other

Lead by example! Starting a sustained system of recognition for your workforce using an employee app is an easy and effective way to involve the entire team to participate in an especially valuable form of employee engagement: a simple “thank you.”

Using Beekeeper’s polling and survey communication tools, you can quickly ask an employee’s peers what they love most about working alongside their co-workers. This not only encourages your team to contribute in championing and commending each other, it cultivates a positive work culture and a support system that extends far beyond the team communication app and into the physical realm of the workplace.

3. Survey Says: Ask Your Workforce What Reward Looks Like to Them

The people that comprise your team are unique. A “one size fits all” approach to employee recognition can be challenging as each employee defines the notion of reward differently. While one team member may enjoy a gift card to their favorite restaurant or grocery store, another may wish for an extra day of PTO (paid time off).

Through Beekeeper’s team communication app, managers can individually poll their workforce using a chatbot. The chatbot is a feature that private-messages and automatically responds, so you can use it to ask employees what they would appreciate most as a reward for a job well-done.

Adopting a team communication app is an efficient and engaging way to acknowledge employees and begin digital workforce transformation for your organization.

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