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Resorts World Las Vegas’s Beekeeper Named “Best Employee App” by Ragan Employee Communications Awards!

We’re excited to announce that Beekeeper was named Best Employee App in the Ragan Employee Communications Awards! 

Beekeeper received this honor thanks to our partnership with Resorts World Las Vegas. The first integrated resort to be built on the Las Vegas Strip in over a decade, Resorts World Las Vegas opened in June 2021, featuring over 3,500 guest rooms and suites, an innovative, next-generation gaming floor, world-class food and beverage options, a 5,000-capacity theatre, distinct nightlife venues, a curated retail collection of designer and boutique shops and more. Today, Resorts World Las Vegas is a thriving part of the Las Vegas scene, employing over 5,000 team members. 

Prioritizing Frontline Communication

For too long, hospitality companies have relied on inefficient and outdated communication tactics to reach their frontline workers. These often included in-person meetings in the break rooms, communicating tasks verbally, and paper notices posted on bulletin boards (that honestly hardly anyone actually reads). 

Resorts World Las Vegas wanted a robust communication infrastructure to be woven into the design of their operation from the beginning.

As the company staffed up prior to opening its doors, Resorts World Las Vegas began to search for a communication solution in May 2020. By November, the resort team started  working with Beekeeper, which scaled along with its rapidly growing workforce. It also offered a level of security the company needed with so many workers sharing information on their personal devices. When the resort opened its doors in June 2021, employees were already up and running on the app and ready to welcome guests.

how Resorts World Las Vegas uses Beekeeper

In a fast-paced industry where every second counts, having a mobile-first solution that facilitates real-time, enterprise-wide communication is a gamechanger.

Prioritizing their communication strategy with a productivity and collaboration app allowed Resorts World Las Vegas to:

  • Avoid outdated communication methods altogether by opening their doors with a mobile communication system in place
  • Build their workforce from the ground up with a tech-first culture of transparency
  • Give workers real-time, direct access to performance-enhancing information 
  • Create agile, secure, two-way workplace communication
  • Facilitate digital signage capabilities throughout the property
  • Share executive videos across the organization
  • Empower employees with access to all of their personal information
  • Bridge language gaps in their diverse workforce with automatic inline translation

Every employee is required to download Beekeeper onto their mobile device from the day they onboard with the company. But it’s not a hard sell. These days, digitally progressive companies like Resorts World Las Vegas always have a leg up in attracting talent. And a cute little mascot helps! Buddy the cartoon bee, helped to create a “buzz” around the app and inspire engagement. 

Beekeeper's Buddy the cartoon bee

A Frontline-First Solution with Features Designed for Success

Frontline employees at Resorts World Las Vegas can easily find immediate support right at their fingertips with features like instant messaging, a digital document library and training materials, chatbots, push notifications, and updates from management about day-to-day needs and critical COVID requirements. 

Empowered with real-time, accurate information, employees are equipped to solve problems and provide superior customer service. For example, the cocktail waitstaff has the daily specials in their pockets, and guest room attendants can access upcoming events at the property

Resorts World Las Vegas is the frontline workplace of the future, with an almost entirely email-free operation.

RWLV has two main chat streams within Beekeeper. “Vibes” offers direct updates from company leadership about work-related topics, company changes and critical knowledge like COVID safety and operations protocols. “Culture of You” is an inclusive venue for team members to post kudos and coworker recognition, share successes and participate in the company culture. 

Smooth Communications from the Start

Resorts World Las Vegas has touted smooth communications processes since opening, with clear, direct messaging available to team members every step of the way.

99% of employees are activated on the Beekeeper platform largely consisting of new hires yet to be onboarded.) That includes over 4,800 direct employees,  and the company’s 1,900 outsourced employees, such as retail workers and lifeguards, who use their own dedicated Beekeeper channel that has information curated for their specific roles.

During its mass hiring process, there was a team photo booth where workers could hop in for a snapshot. All it took was for one employee to post that photo in the app and the floodgates opened. Employees jumped on the Beekeeper bandwagon and began sharing, connecting, and communicating. 

Not only is Resorts World Las Vegas one of the hottest spots to visit in Las Vegas, it’s one of the best places to work! We’re glad to be a part of the company’s journey and success, and excited to celebrate and share our Best Employee App recognition with Resorts World Las Vegas.