How to Improve Health and Safety for Hourly Workers

Hospitality Industry Trends for 2021

The Road to Recovery Through a Digitally-Enabled Frontline Workforce

At the start of 2020, the hospitality industry was poised to have a strong year. The economy was good. Low unemployment rates and more disposable income was driving strong growth for the hospitality sector. Everyone expected the upward trajectory to continue into 2021.

Then COVID happened. Nonessential travel ground to a halt overnight. Air travel declined. Hotels had to shut their doors and restaurants were forced to either close or become take out-only establishments.

But the situation isn’t entirely dire. With hardship often comes opportunity. Companies in the hospitality sector have begun to seize this opportunity by embracing digital as their way forward to emerge from this crisis stronger than before.

This white paper will reveal how:

  • Hospitality companies are keeping their current workforce safe, healthy, and engaged
  • Digitization is driving increased business agility and enhancing operational resilience
  • The frontline workforce will be crucial to the recovery process in 2021

“Beekeeper is an amazing tool that connects all of our staff in a way that we have never been able to in the past. We have most recently been using it to communicate all of the changes and updates that the COVID situation has thrown our way, but it has also been invaluable at keeping up employee morale.”

April Dalton, General Manager, TGC Group