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Beekeeper empowers frontline businesses and their workers with the digital solutions they need to do their best possible work. Founded in 2012, Beekeeper’s mobile-first platform was designed and built for deskless employees who — despite representing 80% of the global workforce — have been chronically underserved when it comes to workplace technology. With Beekeeper’s Frontline Success System, companies can automate paper-based processes, communicate with employees in real-time from anywhere, and improve the engagement, productivity, and safety of frontline teams.

Beekeeper Photo Library

In our photo library, we showcase our leadership as well as the life in the hive with images showing our buzzing office culture and the good vibes we strive for.

Cris Grossmann
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Beekeeper Beehack team
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Beekeeper Team at Company Kick Off 2023
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Beekeeper logo in Zürich office
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Beekeeper office
JPEG • 871 KB • 2560×1920
Beekeeper office
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Beekeeper employees in Zürich office
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Beekeeper Team in Zürich Office
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Beekeeper office
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For more details download our full Brand Guide PDF

For more details download our full Brand Guide PDF