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What Is Beekeeper?

Beekeeper empowers frontline businesses and their workers with the digital solutions they need to do their best possible work. Founded in 2012, Beekeeper’s mobile-first platform was designed and built for deskless employees who — despite representing 80% of the global workforce — have been chronically underserved when it comes to workplace technology. With Beekeeper’s Frontline Success System, companies can automate paper-based processes, communicate with employees in real-time from anywhere, and improve the engagement, productivity, and safety of frontline teams.

Color Palette: Primary

The primary colors are key indicators of the Beekeeper brand design. Different shades of blue act as supporting colors used for logo, design elements, and font. Sea Blue is the primary color that should be applied across all communications to maintain brand consistency.

R50 / G60 / B70
C78 / M65 / Y53 / K45

HEX: #323C46

R0 / G92 / B127
C95 / M60 / Y32 / K12

HEX: #005C7F

SEA (Primary Blue)

R0 / G130 / B160
C85 / M36 / Y28 / K2

HEX: #0083A0

R0 / G171 / B194
C76 / M11 / Y21 / K0

HEX: #00ABC2

R255 / G219 / B0
C2 / M10 / Y100 / K0


Color Palette: Secondary

Our secondary color palette is an extension of our primary colors and used as background or accent design elements in advertising and websites.

R97 / G47 / B26
C38 / M78 / Y89 / K51

HEX: #612F1A

R116 / G27 / B73
C45 / M98 / Y45 / K31

HEX: #741B49

R255 / G68 / B88
C0 / M87 / Y57 / K0

HEX: #FF4458

R255 / G153 / B0
C0 / M47 / Y100 / K0

HEX: #FF9900

R136 / G201 / B64
C51 / M0 / Y98 / K0

HEX: #88C940

To make any use of our logo or brand identity in a way that is not consistent with these guidelines, please contact us and include a visual mockup of intended use.

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For more details download our full Brand Guide PDF

For more details download our full Brand Guide PDF