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Celebrating Frontline Heroes! Beekeeper Frontline Hero Award Winners Announced

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Beekeeper Frontline Hero Award Winners

At the Frontline Success Summit 2022, we discussed the challenges that frontline organizations face and discussed ways to solve the frontline disconnect. But we ended the day in a celebratory mood. 

Our Frontline Hero Awards recognized five individuals who are standouts in the frontline world.

We received 70 nominations from 50 companies around the world. Every story was inspiring, and a true example of what it means to be a frontline hero. As Shawn Lim, our VP of Customer Success said, “I was so overwhelmed with joy in seeing just the sheer number of heartwarming submissions we received.” Choosing these five winners wasn’t an easy task. 

Hosted by Beekeeper’s Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Moore and Shawn Lim, the VP of Customer Success, we got to shine the spotlight on these five amazing people at this year’s Frontline Hero Awards.

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1) Sharon Choi, Team Member Relations Specialist at Resorts World Las Vegas

 Sharon Choi makes it a habit of going above and beyond in her role at Resorts World Las Vegas. 

Sharon Choi nomination frontline hero

“As the face of HR, Sharon assists our internal guests – our Team Members – at our window, while helping other HR sub-departments, including Learning & Development and Engagement & Communications, and our Vice President; she manages many duties that are outside her scope.” 

Sharon gets her motivation from her colleagues.

“Whatever energy they give off, you give back the same energy. We have really great people here.” 

What advice does she have for other frontline leaders? Have a positive attitude. “That mentality and that mindset take you a long way.”

2) Jason Fernandez, Training Specialist at Tyson Foods

Jason Fernandez’s nomination stated, “He is an outstanding and ambitious self-starter.” 

Jason started out as an hourly worker on the food production line at Tyson and is now a passionate training manager who knows what it takes to inspire his team. 

Jason Fernandez frontline hero

“My supervisor at the time chose to invest in me, teaching me the process, teaching me little things here and there. If that supervisor hadn’t done that, I believe my life would’ve been a whole lot different.”

Now, Jason is paying it forward, celebrating and investing in his own team. 

He encourages them to be their best and to bring ideas and creativity to the job. And he believes that every failure is a learning opportunity. 

“I gave out golf balls to our entire management group. Because those dimples that are on that ball are what makes those golf balls fly.” 

3) Susanna Jampen, Graduate Nurse at Spitex Oberthurgau in Switzerland

As frontline organizations support workers across a wide range of ages and backgrounds, we love hearing stories of frontline heroes who get out of their comfort zone and go all in on learning new technology! That’s why Susanna’s story inspired us.

Susanna Jampen frontline hero
Susanna’s acceptance speech poem

Her colleague’s nomination reads:

“At over 60 years old, Susanna is not a “digital native.” But she’s curious, extremely motivating, and enthusiastic about and for new media like Beekeeper! Susanna is fearless and therefore my heroine.” 

Originally from Switzerland, Susanna spent 20 years in Kenya working as a nurse for the elderly. “My heart drew me to help people,” she said. She returned to Switzerland where she continued her work helping others. “I really love my work.” She was so elated at her nomination, that she wrote a poem as her acceptance speech!

4) James “Pap” Papapietro, Warehouse Supervisor for C&S Wholesale Grocers 

Dedication might be the best word to describe James “Pap” Papapietro. He’s been with C&S Wholesale Grocers for 32 years, starting on the floor and working his way up to warehouse supervisor

His nomination states that “he’s always willing to volunteer an extra day to ensure we have happy customers.”

He goes above and beyond for his frontline employees, too. In fact, morale and retention levels stayed high during the pandemic because James was “laser-focused” on the safety and well-being of his teams. 

James “Pap” Papapietro frontline hero

But even when he’s being recognized for his work, James is recognizing his frontline workers. “The people on the floor do the hard work. Our job is to keep their spirits up and keep them happy. Take the obstacles out of their way and listen to them,” he said.

“If you treat your people well, you treat them fair and treat them like family, they work much harder and better for you.” 

5) Mary Ellen Barry, Food Safety Superintendent at Cargill

When Mary Ellen Barry was first starting out, she had a manager who showed her how to be a great frontline leader. Mary Ellen took those lessons and is now an inspiration to her own team at Cargill. 

As her nomination says, “Her positive coaching has helped many employees to be better people and how to stand up for the righteous. Blessed to have a strong woman lead us.” 
Mary Ellen makes it a point to connect with each person on her team and knows when it comes to being a frontline leader, that a little bit can go a long way!

“Just the simple act of saying hello can make someone’s day and boost morale.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mary Ellen! 

Congratulations to all the winners today, and to all of the frontline workers out there – thank you. We appreciate all you do!

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