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How a Better Employee Experience Enhances Guest Experiences

In the hospitality industry, every business’ main focus is to provide and enhance guest experiences by delivering better service than the competition. But what if businesses could improve their guest experience by focusing on a different area entirely, like employee experience, through adopting digital workplace tools?

As it turns out, businesses with a strong employee experience overlap with businesses with a strong guest experience. Happy employees equate to happy guests because happiness is contagious. So, how should a hospitality business improve its employee experience and implement digital workplace communication tools with an eye towards getting the downstream benefits of more satisfied guests?

The Digital Workplace: A Catalyst for Guest Satisfaction By Satisfying Employees

The answer lies in merging information technology with the right communication tools. The more connected your team is to each other, the easier their jobs will be and the happier they’ll be—all while serving guests faster and more effectively.

Using a team communication app is key if you’re interested in building a connected workplace that provides a solid employee experience. When your team uses a workplace app that improves their ability to communicate seamlessly, there are fewer barriers to providing an excellent guest experience.

How Can Employee Apps Help Connect Teams?

Team communication apps can connect teams in a few different ways:

  • Track who is doing which ongoing tasks (like cleaning)
  • Track who is doing one-off tasks (like helping guests who request another bed or
  • Provide a place for team leaders to discuss issues or ask questions to management
  • Provide a place for remote internal communication among employees

A good team communication app will have all of the above features, and more. Little bells and whistles like providing informal “Good job!” tokens are also a nice touch that the best workplace apps provide.

Using Team Communication Apps To Improve the Employee Experience

Other features of a strong team communication app include workplace automation, one-to-one messaging, project tracking, and file sharing.

Screenshot of a mobile device showing HR materials being shared with an employee through group messaging.

In the hospitality industry, most employees will likely get the most use out of a workplace app that allows for mobile collaboration while on-the-move to avoid time-consuming physical meetings. This means the one-to-one and group messaging features that a team uses to communicate a need to be user-friendly and easy-to-use for mobile workers and your on-site workforce.

How Workplace Apps Automate Tasks or Employee Success

Additionally, automated tasks are a critical part of hospitality industry information technology, and they can do a lot to improve your employee experience and thereby improve your guest experience. Certain key daily tasks, like doing the laundry, are easy to delegate and assign into separate sub-tasks with the right communication tools.

A workplace app that creates and assigns the “laundry” task to the designated team makes managers’ jobs easier and makes work more predictable for the laundry team, too. For other teams that rely on the output of the laundry team—clean laundry—to do their job, having an automated workplace app that notifies them when the laundry team has finished their work expedites the internal communication process.

Far from isolating workers, the right workplace app eliminates microtasks like asking the laundry team if they’re done with the laundry, which significantly impacts both employee experience and guest experience for the better.