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Optimizing the Employee Experience with Beekeeper Chatbots for HR

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When fine-tuning any aspect of your business – such as your internal communication strategy or operational efficiency – honest feedback is absolutely necessary.

With an anonymous employee feedback survey, you can gather more useful feedback from your teams because employees will feel more comfortable being truthful. Chatbot-driven employee surveys are the most effective way to gather candid feedback from your teams.

It’s a lot easier for employees to open up to a bot than it is to confide in their boss.

Chatbots take employee surveys to the next level because this kind of AI is designed for the kind of anonymous polling you need to get essential, actionable insights into areas of your business like:

  • The health of your company culture
  • Gaps in team or departmental internal communication
  • Current employee engagement levels

Digitizing Employee Feedback with Chatbots

Beyond simplifying internal communication, employee surveys can energize and empower your employees. The feedback collected from your workforce can help identify employee relations issues before they become toxic to the work environment and inspire companies to reimagine their organizational strategies to be more inclusive and equitable.

Traditional data collection methods, such as written questionnaires, are extremely time-consuming and cost-intensive which often prevents companies from conducting employee surveys on a regular basis. Due to the infrequent distribution of surveys, employers load forms with a backlog of questions that can be frustrating for employees to complete.

Response rates for well-written surveys reach 60% at best.

Chabot being used on mobile device for a follow-up quiz after safety training.

How Chatbots Improve Workforce Alignment

Think of employee feedback surveys as a tried-and-true way to consistently take the pulse of your workforce in real-time by asking specific questions that target areas of improvement.

“We deliberately programmed the chatbot tool to offer robust functionality while maintaining a simple user experience. It was important for us to give administrators a communication tool that would make surveys easier to deploy while increasing response rates, giving companies better data to analyze.”

-Flavio Pfaffhauser, CTO of Beekeeper

Admins have the option to schedule surveys and ask structured questions. They can monitor response rates using a variety of analytics tools and drive success through targeted, automated follow-ups. Responses to employee’s answers are automated which provides the feeling of a personal conversation.

5 Ways to Use HR Chatbots for Onboarding and Employee Surveys

Human resources teams are increasingly using HR chatbots to conduct employee surveys and streamline the onboarding process. In addition to being a valuable tool in your onboarding process, chatbots offer new hires a powerful ally and a smooth introduction to the company’s team communication app.

What’s more, HR chatbots can then distribute employee surveys to new team members quickly and efficiently to get feedback on the onboarding experience and beyond. They can even help team members find HR documents or foster a culture of employee recognition long after the onboarding process is over.

Here are five main ways that HR chatbots can help HR onboarding, each of which makes a new hire’s life much easier and increases their employee satisfaction early on.

1. Walk Recruits Through Onboarding Paperwork

HR chatbots can be used to provide new hires with the documents directly through the team communication app, and then answer their questions about how to fill out a form if there’s any ambiguity.

2. Guide New Hires Through Company Policies

The employee can ask the chatbot questions about company policies and save themselves the time of asking a coworker for an answer to a simple question.

3. Giving New Employees an Introduction to Their Team’s History

Recruits can ask the HR chatbot questions about their team’s place within the company and how that role is changing or expanding with their addition.

4. Using HR Chatbots to Check-In and for Shift Management

Chatbot being used for employee shift check-in on mobile device

Once new employees have been in the swing of things for a while, HR chatbots can reach out to them via the team communication app to see if their onboarding process is going smoothly. If it isn’t, the HR chatbot can refer them to potential solutions or suggest they speak to someone on their team.

5. Following up with Employee Surveys or Refresher Quizzes

Conduct conversational employee surveys that are employee-specific to see what they think of the onboarding process in retrospect and find out whether they think any parts could be improved.

Doing this with a survey chatbot connected to the team communication app guarantees a high level of employee engagement with the follow-up process and will also make employees happier because their needs are being proactively addressed.

Building an Engaging Employee Communication Hub

The intelligent chatbot feature embodies the Beekeeper philosophy: reach every employee in a straightforward and efficient way. Real-time communication and immediate feedback continue to make the Beekeeper team communication app an increasingly fundamental part of daily operations by serving as a hub for internal team communication, empowering employees, mobile communication, and providing management with data-driven insights.

To learn more about how you can connect systems and automate workflows with Beekeeper, explore the Beekeeper App Marketplace.

Download our eBook on “How the Employee Experience Affects Productivity” to learn more.