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How to Engage Every Worker for a Superior Employee Experience

Lack of employee engagement costs companies over $450 billion every year. To elevate the employee experience and give employees a reason to love coming to work every day, you’ve got to make sure every single member of your team is included and engaged, a job made so much easier with a digital workplace.

When your company switches to a digital workplace to handle internal communications, you’re doing more than automating processes. Think of your workforce app more as an employee engagement platform. Going digital is an investment into the employee experience.

When you introduce a workforce app, your goal is to reach every team member regardless of location. This will nurture collaboration, give employee engagement a big boost, and foster innovation. So start with these first two steps:

  • Training – Take away the new technology intimidation factor by training your frontline team on the new workforce app. It will make for easier onboarding and quicker adoption.
  • BYOD – Letting employees use their own mobile devices to access the team app saves money. But the goal with a BYOD policy is also about getting as many employees online as possible. Using a device they’re comfortable with will make it that much easier for them to adopt the employee engagement platform.

Here are the top digital communication strategies to reach and engage every single worker for a superior employee experience.

Pick an Employee Engagement Platform Designed for Inclusivity

According to a Gallup poll, only 30% of workers feel engaged in their jobs. You can beat the odds in your own company by making employee experience the center of your internal communication strategy. A digital workplace for non-desk workers like Beekeeper has features specifically geared towards elevating employee engagement such as:

  • Inline language translation
  • Private and group messaging
  • Surveys
  • Chats
  • Polls
  • Campaigns

Create Content for your Team App that Engages Everyone

Once you’ve adopted a team app, continue to build a culture of engagement by implementing a well-thought-out content strategy with the employee experience in mind. First, communicate information that helps frontline employees be successful at their jobs.

That means if you run a retail business, deliver content about new products, marketing efforts and promotions, delivery of merchandise. That type of information makes them better ambassadors of your brand when working with customers.

“I look at our organization as an upside-down pyramid, where our frontline people are our most important and everybody below the frontline employees are there to support them. So having Beekeeper has allowed us to reach out and be engaged across all levels of our company, especially our frontline employees who are the ones who really make a difference in what we do.”
– Joe Budd, Founder and CEO, The Budd Group

Next, a team app is a great platform to recognize individual employees for a job well done. If a team member went above and beyond for the company, or had a great month of sales, celebrate their hard work through an enterprise-wide post. Their peers will congratulate them online and in person, building morale and a sense of camaraderie.

Finally, boost the employee experience by encouraging them to contribute content for the team app. For example, you can have a stream called “A Day in the Life” and have different employees share what they do and their accomplishments. As the leader, you should be the first one out on the dance floor. Start the trend by writing about yourself and others will follow suit. Everyone’s got a story: give your employees a chance to share theirs.

Engage Individual Employees by Making Data-Driven Strategy Decisions

When you invest in a digital workplace to enhance the employee experience at your organization, make sure it has an analytics dashboard. With a platform like Beekeeper, you can see what percentage of your workforce is communicating through the team app and open rates for campaigns and surveys. If your numbers are low, redesign your communications strategy.

Beekeeper analytics dashboard displayed on a laptop computer.

Analytics will also give you specific data, like exactly which employees are, or are not, accessing the app. You can modify content to target and include individuals who are more digitally hesitant.

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