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Best Ways App Integration Improves Productivity

Apps designed to improve productivity often have the opposite effect. Employees are buried under communication from too many apps, wasting an hour a day just switching between them. App fatigue sets in and productivity plummets.

Too many workforce apps reduces productivity through:

  • App fatigue
  • Disrupted workflows
  • Disengaged, distracted workers

How do we combat this problem? For starters, app integration in one internal communications platform is key to keeping your workforce running at maximum productivity. One survey revealed that two-thirds of workers want a centralized hub for unified communication. Streamlining internal communications will eliminate the app fatigue plaguing your workforce.

App Integration Simplifies Workforce Management

In an effort to boost efficiency, companies often stitch together digital workplaces with single-use apps for workforce management tasks like messaging, file-sharing, and scheduling for app integration. But the result is a digital workplace that’s cluttered and overwhelming. It’s led to communication overload and app fatigue. On average, employees navigate at least four different mobile programs during their day, switching between them up to 10 times an hour. The time-consuming navigation snowballs into 32 days a year of productivity loss.

App integration through a digital workplace allows a single point of entry so end users don’t have to endlessly switch back and forth between team communication tools with different logins and passwords. App integration through one primary platform streamlines internal communications and saves time, positively impacting your bottom line.


Easier Interface with App Integration

Most business apps are designed with the best intentions of maximizing efficiency. But each one has a learning curve. App fatigue can set in from the mental lag time to adjust, and readjust, to the unique layout and design of each app employees must hop between. Mental exhaustion blocks the release of dopamine, a neurochemical that has been linked to productivity.

App integration through a unified digital workplace platform allows employees to log in to a single portal for all of their internal communications needs. A single platform streamlines, simplifies, and staves away the dreaded app fatigue, saving employees’ brain power for actual work.

Reduce Workflow Disruption

The key to maximum productivity is a good stretch of uninterrupted workflow. When employees have different apps to navigate between, their brains have to switch gears. They lose momentum, spending valuable time and energy on the how-to of app navigation rather than going straight to the information they need. App integration gathers team communication tools in one place. Within that ecosystem, moving between data sets is smooth. Users can easily access information and complete tasks instead of switching between team communication tools, reducing workflow disruption.

App Integration Creates Unified Communication

Cristian Grossmann is the CEO and founder of Beekeeper, a digital workplace platform for non-desk workers. “One consistent employee experience” is a driving force behind Beekeeper’s mission, and Grossmann has been especially focused on keeping the interface simple for the end user since many clients integrate their workforce management systems under the Beekeeper banner. Having a consistent, universal experience creates unified communication in the workforce. This eliminates confusion and mixed messaging that can come with too many apps.

With a platform like Beekeeper, app integration can be custom designed to include a company’s legacy systems, or it can be a prefab platform with built-in integrations. The end result is a more productive team.

Request a free demo to learn how you can integrate your internal communication apps with Beekeeper for a more productive workforce.