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Domino’s Pizza, Switzerland Improves Team Communication with Beekeeper

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Domino’s Pizza, Switzerland realized they needed a better, cross-operational workforce management solution to address major team communication hurdles and to streamline operations company-wide. One of the primary goals was to virtually connect locations to reduce considerable time delays when it came to distribution of crucial information to employees, vendors, and couriers.

Another workforce management and team communication priority was to create a dedicated space where all employees within the organization could connect and interact while enjoying quick access to operational workflows and HR tools.

Improve Communication Challenges

Prior to implementing their customized Beekeeper team app, Domino’s relied on HR to share schedules, delivery information, and other important notifications with store managers through inefficient methods such as bulletin boards and emails.

Unlike store managers who had daily access to a computer, Domino’s Pizza’s frontline employees, chefs, couriers, and other mobile workers spend the majority of a shift on-the-go, so a need to improve communication exists. Unfortunately, this meant that by the time these mobile workers received important messages, they were no longer relevant. Even worse, the customer experience was on the line. After all, in the service industry, timing is everything: a late pizza delivery due to team miscommunication could cost you customers.

A Workforce Management Solution: Domino’s Talk Team App

Given these communication challenges, Domino’s Pizza leadership knew that a better workforce management tool was necessary. The solution needed to empower their dispersed teams without impacting the high level of customer service Domino’s Pizza is dedicated to delivering.

After making the commitment to mobilize and support a digital workforce, they started using Beekeeper’s employee app. Working with the Beekeeper Customer Success team, the company was able to simplify all aspects of workforce management with real-time, unified communications across store locations. Management even uses Beekeeper HR tools to automatically distribute onboarding materials like training videos.

How to Improve Communication: Beekeeper Transforms the Domino’s Pizza Digital Workforce

The Domino’s Pizza, Switzerland team leverages some of the key Beekeeper product features, including the ability to enable read receipts to confirm that all employees are up to date on important company information. With HR chatbots, Domino’s employees can easily retrieve their payslips via the team app without having to ask HR, which is key when searching how to improve team communication.

improve team communication with HR chatbot

Before Beekeeper, this time-consuming and costly process took two to three hours to complete, manually stuffing payslips into envelopes and sending them by mail. Another Beekeeper benefit is security: in contrast to other third-party group messaging services such as WhatsApp, employees can directly message each other securely and stay in better touch regarding sales numbers, which has increased motivation.

Another benefit of their employee app is that it has empowered corporate office team members and managers to more consistently recognize exemplary frontline employee performance directly and in a more timely manner with photos or congratulatory posts. The team communication benefits from Beekeeper have been so successful that future goals for the team app include using chatbots to conduct employee engagement and satisfaction surveys.

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