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4 Benefits of Having a Branded Internal Communication App

A branded communication app is a great way to connect with all the employees in your company, whether they sit at a desk or work in the field. And investing in an app is becoming an important part of business. In a recent survey, 85 percent of respondents said they favored apps over websites. Unfortunately, developing your own app can be costly and time-consuming. Here’s why white-labeled apps are a great alternative:

1. Effective & Customizable

A good white-label communications app is an invaluable tool to use to stay in touch with employees, allowing for instant and constant communication, unlike more traditional communication methods. It is also customizable, allowing messages to be sent to segments of the company. Messages can be tailored for different departments, allowing for more effective communication. Many also offer real-time measurement, allowing companies to actually see how effective their messages are. Because the information is available immediately, subsequent messages can be tweaked to improve the outcome. This ensures your company is communicating as effectively as possible.

2. Upkeep & Maintenance

All apps will require upgrades at some point, thanks to bug fixes, changing operating systems of mobile devices, and the constant flux of technology. Developing your own app will require someone at your company to stay on top of this, while a good white-label solution will offer regular upgrades and ensure that your app stays functioning and effective.

3. Simple & Fast

Using a white-label app is quick and easy, especially compared to developing your own app. A white-label app is ready to go after adding your company’s brand. As it was pointed out in a Forbes article, “White label solutions are generally fully integrated and ready-made, which makes branding very easy.”

4. Superior User Experience

One of the primary benefits to using a white-label app as opposed to developing your own is that your white-label app likely has been tested by many other companies. It’s been tweaked and improved upon multiple times based on prior feedback. You’ll know you’re getting an app that has been designed and upgraded to provide excellent user experience. Creating your own app will require many updates and experimentations to get a similar experience.

Unless your business is building apps, it’s clear that a white-label app is going to save your company time and money because it allows you to focus on what you do best. Time is money, so focus your efforts on your services and products, and leave the app creation to the pros. Just remember that not all white-label apps are the same. You’ll want to find the right solution for your company.

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