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Heavy Manufacturing Safety Checklist

Creating a Safety-First Culture Through Frontline Digital Enablement

Implementing proper workplace safety protocols, especially for frontline employees, is essential to doing good business. Failing to prioritize the safety of your manufacturing employees can be a costly mistake. In 2019, the total cost of safety incidents at work was $171 billion, which is about $1,100 per employee per year.

In manufacturing, safety has always been paramount. Yet, as companies bounce back from the 2020 global health crisis, manufacturing leaders are looking to do more to create safe and healthy work environments.

That’s why we’ve developed this manufacturing safety checklist for heavy industries. This resource can help companies build a safety-first culture, optimize their operations, safeguard environments, and reduce safety risks through better workplace practices. All these initiatives can be accomplished through effective, enterprise-wide, digital communication.

In this checklist, we’ll share detailed steps for:

  • Sharing safety protocols with all team members
  • Establishing a communication strategy that delivers real-time information to workers who need it most
  • Selecting a digital tool to keep your workforce informed and prepared during a crisis

“Safety is critical at Lakeside. Monthly safety meetings used to happen in person, but now we are developing more materials and utilizing our managers to share that information on Beekeeper. Our commitment to safety does not change with what’s going on—the need to be fast, having fewer people, get things done—there are no shortcuts.”

Anne Smith, Director of Communications, Lakeside Foods