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#1 Team App for Logistics

Beekeeper is the team app and employee portal to help you improve internal team communications. Integrate with operational systems with a unified platform where employees are alerted about inventory, handling, packaging, and route updates. Share goals, processes, and safety information with staff.

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Connect All Your Systems

Create a truly interconnected environment for your whole workforce with an open platform optimized for mobile.

Add out-of-the-box integrations

Connect with 3rd party systems, add chatbots, mobile learning solutions, task management tools, survey tools, and more!

Get more out of your IT investments

Simplify log-in with single sign-on directly from the Beekeeper platform to access other systems.

Reduce setup and maintenance costs

Beekeeper requires little or no time to maintain. Get started fast and let us take care of the maintenance.

Lead from the Front(lines)

Get your teams firing on all cylinders and optimize internal processes. Provide direct access to training and SOPs through secure file sharing. Reduce absenteeism with mobile accessible shift schedules.

Confirmation Campaigns

Confirm receipt of important messages with an audit-ready campaign tool.

Ensure vital updates are received: From policy changes to severe weather alerts. Campaigns keep everyone on the same page.

Employee Surveys Made Simple

Keep the pulse of your frontline workforce with fast, intuitive chat surveys

Create and send in a few easy steps

Produce, distribute, and collect employee feedback from company-wide surveys in just a few clicks with real-time, interactive employee survey chatbots.

Gain valuable insights in mere minutes

Users receive customized instructions  once added to the platform

Push the limits of productivity

Set up tailored workflows to optimize new hire training

Easy Onboarding to Connect Your Team

Onboard employees with a mobile device in less than a minute. Get your teams up and running hassle-free with the information they need and without an email address.

Passwordless login

QR codes onboard your workforce with ease

Generate personalized invitations

Users receive customized instructions  once added to the platform

Onboarding workflows

Set up tailored workflows to optimize new hire training

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