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Frontline Success for Manufacturing and Construction

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Frontline Success in Construction

At Beekeeper, we believe that frontline workers are the engine that drives the manufacturing industry forward.

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We’ve also noticed that there is a great disconnect between the reality of frontline work and the tools and technologies that many manufacturing organizations adopt to connect their workforce.

That disconnect leads to a less safe and less productive manufacturing workplace:

  • $171B cost of safety incidents at work ($1,100 per employee)
  • 42% of downtime is caused by equipment failure

“Our mission at Beekeeper is to empower frontline businesses with modern technologies to make their workers more engaged, productive, happy, and, ultimately, safe.”

– Charles Prasfika, Beekeeper

In this Frontline Success Summit discussion, we invited two of Beekeeper’s experts to talk about what success looks like in the manufacturing industry:

  • Charles Prasfika, Beekeeper, Account Executive
  • Danièle Steiger, Beekeeper, Product Manager

The topics discussed included:

  • Trends affecting manufacturing and construction businesses today
  • Keeping factories and job sites fully staffed 
  • Making sure production uptime stays at a high level to meet job deadlines
  • Keeping employees safe

We also walked through some real-life examples of how Beekeeper is helping to solve those issues.

Here’s a recap of the main points of the discussion:

Keeping Factories and Job Sites Fully Staffed

3 areas Beekeeper is helping manufacturing companies accomplish this are: 

  1. Shift Coordination: enabling employees to self-service
  2. Onboarding and Training: improving retention and learning
  3. Leverage Employee Networks: finding high-quality candidates that stick around

“It’s really comforting to actually be able to come to work when you’re needed and not just as a back up, but also to have some individual ownership and a bit of flexibility to swap shifts when you need to.”

– Danièle Steiger, Beekeeper

Production Uptime: Meeting Project Deadlines

Getting from the first step of solving an issue to implementing small changes to fix it can be a complex process. It can be particularly challenging when the workforce of a manufacturing organization is spread out geographically, making roll-out logistics tricky.

Keeping track of every step manually can be overwhelming and lead to mistakes and miscommunication. Beekeeper digitizes and automates SOPs for manufacturers to help in these key areas:

  • Missed Targets: staying on track with expectations so that customers are happy
  • Speed Process Changes: easing adoption while enhancing performance
  • Easy Communication: informing and empowering individuals and teams 

Keeping Employees Safe

3 ways Beekeeper helps improve workplace safety are: 

  • Prevent Safety Hazards: providing self-serve near-miss reports
  • Boost Safety Culture: making safety a priority for everyone 
  • Automate Safety Procedures: making SOPs more efficient and effective

“Health and safety culture is important in all organizations, but especially in industries like manufacturing and construction, where workers will be very exposed to dangers all the time. One key aspect of safety culture is that the entire workforce needs to participate in those processes and become safety experts themselves.”

– Danièle Steiger, Beekeeper

Want more in-depth examples of how Beekeeper enables frontline workers in manufacturing and helps solve the frontline disconnect? Watch the full session to learn more.