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Frontline Worker Technology Report

Digital Transformation Trends for the Future of Frontline Work

Before COVID-19, businesses viewed frontline digital enablement as a ‘nice to have.’ With the global pandemic putting essential workers at the forefront of public conversation, many companies are finally embracing the digital transformation. Global mobile device usage increased by 70%. And despite the pandemic’s economic impact, mobile app spending reached an all-time high.

The technology landscape is trying to keep up with the heightened need for employee connectivity. However, the expanding market with an oversupply of digital tools can be challenging to navigate. Until now …

This report reveals how to:

  • Think about and assess tools for the frontline workforce
  • Navigate the challenging frontline worker technology landscape
  • Select a frontline-first technology solution best suited to your workforce

“Digital awareness is very important for our industry because manufacturing is quickly moving towards digital. Beekeeper contributes to digital literacy and lessens anxieties around the use of digital communication tools. The use of a team app like Beekeeper strengthens an overall awareness of how important digital technology is to our workplace. Beekeeper helps us to wrap the strategic issues in stories.”

Salome Ramseier, Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Holcim Switzerland & Italy